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Dr Vipin Gupta, expert in managerial science and applied economics, launches his book: ‘What is Divine Energy’


Dr. Vipin Gupta, famed co-editor of the award-winning book Culture, leadership, and organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies, has announced the release of his latest work, What is Divine Energy: The Power of Managing The Science of Everything. After recognizing that academic publishing often fails to embrace original approaches, Dr. Gupta was fueled to write by his desire to explore the present reality from a new perspective in an unrestricted way. 

In What is Divine Energy, Dr. Gupta highlights the fact that finding solutions for managing the ongoing development of science requires thinkers and researchers to have a healthy skepticism of modern assumptions about fundamental scientific laws. Dr. Gupta investigates quintessential questions for living a joyful life, such as considering personal identity, the role of the spirit, and the state of the universe as a whole. 

Dr. Gupta, an expert in managerial science and applied economics, draws upon India’s cultural wisdom and his academic background to investigate natural concepts. From ontological causation to ecosystem exchange, Dr. Gupta examines everything he studies through the lens of sixteen unique dimensions. Instead of simply regurgitating well-established research, What is Divine Energy is an unfiltered glimpse into reality that challenges existing norms. 

What is Divine Energy reflects an academic perspective informed by an entirely original technical approach developed by Dr. Gupta without any existing references. Instead, the concepts and ideas presented in his work are wholly unbiased, without the restrictions of what we already purport to know about science and culture. 

Those who are unable to keep an open mind may find What is Divine Energy overwhelming because it challenges the fundamental base of knowledge about the visible and invisible forces that exist in the world. Dr. Gupta’s work shows that everything in this universe, including words, entities, and things, have an energy value that is measurable in terms of intended effect. 

Early reviewers praise Dr. Gupta’s work as a deeply profound contribution to our understanding of religion and the universe. What is Divine Energy draws key parallels between the natural world and daily life while empowering readers to realize their own innate potential. It includes an extensive index of English and Hindi words with their quantified energy values to serve as a reference for readers to reexamine their own knowledge and formulate new hypotheses. 

Readers with a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs can benefit from Dr. Gupta’s holistic examination of the natural world. Dr. Gupta has a clear talent for relating complex subjects like chemistry and mathematics back to daily life by dissecting each with care. What is Divine Energy is a timely response for any modern reader who seeks to step outside the conventions of traditional science.  This book is both instructive and inspirational.

Dr. Vipin Gupta is a professor of sensible management and appropriate science at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration at California State University San Bernardino. He has published over 180 articles in leading international academic journals as well as 17 other well-known books on management, culture, and leadership. He can be found online at or He lives and writes in California. 

What is Divine Energy: The Power of Managing The Science of Everything is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

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