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We’ve all dreamed of a pretty home, filled with little quirky objects that brighten up the place like a well lit festive garden, and to make this dream come true Moorish Lighting, a Florida based antique company has taken up the charge to offer us with state-of-the-art Moroccan lamps, lanterns and a vast range of Moroccan lighting collection. The increasingly popular Moorish design trend has sparked a surge in demand for genuine handmade Moorish lighting and lamps. The intricate visuals of Moroccan metal lamps are part of what draws the eye and makes it linger. 

What can be so extravagant about lighting objects? Well, the answer lies in the company’s offerings that comprise a unique blend of Moorish and Moroccan styles.’s collection is inspired by the architecture and design of several countries from the Arabian and Mediterranean regions. There’s no denying it: Morocco is an inspiring, magical place. The key feature of the style from these regions is that they reflect a rather subtle but royal impression imbibing a collection of vivid colors, strict geometry, careful layouts, and an open space philosophy. And, of course, the intricate detail that is to die for!

Moroccan products, as we know, possess the exotic qualities of the bygone era that is reflected in the charming woodwork and mosaic patterns. And to offer such beauty in today’s date, makes Mooring Lighting a go-to place for the customers, especially the people who get wooed by interior design. Some of the products offered by the firm include Moroccan Hanging Chandeliers, Lanterns, Pendant Lamps, Ceiling Lamps, Table Lamps, Moorish Rustic Lanterns, Giant Brass Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Wall Sconces, and Metal Glass Lanterns. Moroccan lamps and lighting can infuse your home with timeless style. 

Moorish Lighting isn’t your everyday lighting shop, it is an embodiment of all the forgotten cultures, dedicated to bringing back the lost styles of historical times. Most of the products offered by Moorish Lighting are made by master artisans of Morocco, Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat who specialize in such magnificent styles. Best known for the Morrocan Lamps and Brass Chandeliers, Moorish Lighting also provides the luxury of even customizing the products according to the client’s requests, blending them with their signature royal and exotic styles. 

Moorish Lighting, since its inception, has made it a point to become the best-in-class retailers and wholesalers of exotic interior lighting products. Dedicated to bringing in vogue the aesthetics of the Arabic and Medditaereneian culture and to reinforce a sense of luxury, Moorish lighting is clearly in the run to become one of the most loved brands worldwide that offer Avant Garde lighting products. 

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