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Few Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring Content Writing Freelancers Or Agency


With the onset of Covid-19, many may have noticed all the businesses hurriedly moved to online platforms to maintain their audience base. Almost every corporate needs to establish a digital presence to survive in the current competitive market.

From website content, e-mails, and copywriting to promotional messages, press releases, and brochures, every company needs content. It is pervasive at every level of the organisation and is, essentially, what defines a company. What forms the base of every corporate’s content outreach is an excellent content writing team. And not every writer is fit for writing every type of content. So, how can one find the best writer?

Type of writer every corporate should look for

When a company hires content writers, many factors are normally looked into. Not only do the writers have to have a firm grasp on the language but also should understand the target audience, vision and a motive for writing the piece. Think of it this way, a big brand with millions in turnover cannot have the same content requirements as a smaller brand with a more socialistic outlook. Same way, a corporate will be looking for press releases whereas an SME will be looking towards articles and blogs.

Hiring a writer who does not know the ins and outs of the business will not be able to write appropriate content for it.

For example, a makeup retailer cannot hire a writer who does not know anything about the cosmetic field. From the ingredients to the combination of colours, every aspect would have to depend completely on external research. Even if they did try, the quality of the content would be subpar at best.

Choosing the best writer for your company

If there is one thing every company must remember while hiring, it is crucial to find a content writer who understands the content motive and business tone.

Pavithra Parthasarathi, Growth Manager at Content-Whale, explains: While talking to the clients, many people don’t understand the business tone. Business tones thrive the approach of the content that should not be too sales-oriented and look forceful. Instead, it should be subtle. It must be interactive and reader-friendly. The key idea is to convey the problem and how it can be solved with viable solutions.

Domain understanding is the key to excel. “While most clients know about their business and the exact requirement at the time, one thing they often overlook is the content detail and subsequent quality,” explains Kritika Kanodia, the Content Strategist at Content-Whale.

Do they need a professional writer who can convey technical details in the least number of words? Or do they need a writer who can improve the generic content and give it an in-depth creative twist? While these may initially look like trivial details, it can certainly make or break the entire content strategy. Businesses need to glance through writing samples to understand what their needs are before hiring a content writer. You should look at these 4 things.

  • Domain Knowledge
  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Tone (If it suits you)

Again, it is to be remembered that business tonality plays a massive role in the digital success of the company, at least content-wise.

Reduce cost-to-company to Re. 1 per word 

In the current market, an experienced writer will demand a salary of Rs 25,000-30,000 per month. Now the problem with hiring a full-time writer is that the company still has to pay the writer even if there is occasional copywriting or brochure work to be done.

So the real question arises, how can companies save upon such expenses?

The answer is quite simple – outsource.

The current content writing industry is quite expansive. Every company can find exactly what they need without having to switch through multiple writers and their samples.

When a company outsources this aspect of their business, they pay somewhere between Rs 5,000-10,000 to meet their content requirements for the month. That is a fraction of the salary paid to a full-time writer, but in place of just a writer, gets a reliable team of an experienced strategist, writer and editor.

All they need to do is explain their business brief and exact purpose of the write up in detail to the content strategist. This ensures that the content is written perfectly in one go without the need for any revisions. This saves up on the cost as the company now does not have to pay a full-time writer, but instead, they pay per-word for the deliverables.

Another advantage of this route is that the company does not have to make any proper investment in building a team. The content writing company offers flexibility when it comes to change in writers or write-ups as a whole which can be managed by POC.

Put your savings into growth

Now that it is clear that outsourcing has many cost-related benefits, what is the next step? With all the time and money saved in content related expenses, a company can easily focus on the growth of their business. By utilising these savings, a company can look into expanding various aspects of their business such as product lines, production lines, market expansion etc.

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