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Fashionable Tattoos


By Harshita Kain


 From Saif to Deepika to Miley and Angelina, everyone is going gaga over tattoos, which have become the latest fashion accessories for celebrities around the globe. Once used as a medium to display commitment in a relationship, these tattoos have now become a fashion statement everybody wants to flaunt. What triggered this revolution nobody knows but it is very clear that this trend is here to stay.

While tattoos having a retro look were in fashion in 2013, this year is going to see a huge increase in 3D tattoos and if you are thinking to get yourself tattooed anytime soon, then it is highly recommended that you must go for them. However if you are a die-hard fan and are keen on sporting the tattoos your favorite celebs have, here are a few options for you. While you could follow Angelina Jolie and get yourselves inked in a collection of tribal dragons and tigers or go for quotes in various languages like Nicki Minaj, who has a tattoo in Chinese on one of her left arm which means “May God be with you often”. Other famous tattoos include Lil Wayne’s tear drops which he has on his face and a peace sign and a cross in between Miley Cyrus’ fingers.

celeb-rundown-3-14    Megan-Fox-And-Angelina-Jolie-Female-Celebrity-Tattoos    celeb tattoos female 2 - Copy

However before getting yourself inked it is important to know the meaning of different tattoos as each tattoo signifies something and before one flaunts them, one must make sure that they reflect your true personality. While butterflies symbolize a metamorphosis, change, rebirth and beauty; lions are seen as a source of strength, courage and protection. Dragons signify power and mysticism and dolphins are seen as symbols of good luck, love, protection and wisdom.

harshita images (5)            Japanese_tattoo_297              harshita images (6)

Tattoos have become a must have accessory for all celebs. They enhance one’s beauty and are seen as symbols of self-confidence and strength and it won’t be long before this trend takes over everyone.

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