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Fantasy novel, Intrinsic, re-ignites worldwide audience interest in 2020


Author Jerry Collins continues to elicit praise for his harrowing breakout novel, Intrinsic, the first in an epic fantasy series featuring sorcery, time travel, and a struggle of wills that transcends the ages. Collins was inspired to write in this genre by his love of creative worldbuilding and his appreciation of characters who overcome obstacles in the most challenging of circumstances.

Intrinsic follows Jatara, a cunning woman with the power to possess the souls of men and an unrelenting need to control the minds of her subjects. But on her journey to conquering the lands and civilizations around her, she meets her match in Derideon, omnipotent ruler of the underworld, who offers Jatara a place serving in his regime instead. Conflicted, Jatara must choose between obedience and defiance, and the power that hangs in the balance.

Fans of high fantasy and adventure will appreciate Collins’s descriptive style and honest depictions of the darker side of life. Intrinsic is an action-packed novel that keeps readers in a constant state of suspense as Jatara and Derideon struggle for power. Readers of all backgrounds will appreciate the relatable themes of resilience, perseverance, and dedication to one’s goals.

Reviewers describe Intrinsic as “unique” and “an epic read.” Collins’s masterful use of language and quick pace make this an unforgettable read full of twists, conundrums, and difficult choices. He chose to self-publish in order to retain his creative flexibility, which is evident in Collins’s unique use of time travel and avoidance of common fantasy tropes. He cites JK Rowling and Mark Twain as influences.

Jerry Collins is an author, industrial furnace operator, and muscle car afficionado with a passion for writing thought-provoking novels. He can be found online at He lives and writes in Ohio.

Intrinsic is available for purchase on and Barnes & Noble in both ebook and paperback versions.

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