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Fake Friendly Fridays – With Rahul Gandhi


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So after Mr. Arnab Goswami, the team of Economy Decoded caught up with Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Exhausted and confused as an engineering student after finals, he agreed to let us ask some more question with the promise that they would be easy!

For those who do not know much about Rahul Gandhi, and haven’t already figured it out from his last name and his mother’s great works – Mr. Gandhi is a politician from the Indian National Congress Party. He is a Member of Parliament representing his dad’s hand-me-down constituency of Amethi. As the rules go, because of his heritage, Mr. Gandhi is the prime candidate of Congress to be the Prime Minister if ever it comes to that.

In his resume, you will find a secretive schooling, a Harvard degree, a corporate job experience and then a “mysterious” change-of-heart which led to politics. He is (even at the age of 44) Chairperson of the Youth Congress and National Students Union of India -_-

Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. (Not a Mahatma) Gandhi for you.

ED’s Tanya with our very own Mr. (fake) Rahul Gandhi

Q: Hello Mr. Rahul! It’s great to have you on (Fake) Friendly Fridays! Tell us, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

A: That’s easy… Maa da Ladla! I am maa’s favorite. Mother India, that is, of course!

RG momma2

Q: You are a youth icon. You were declared as one of India’s most eligible bachelors some years ago. How does this affect your “serious image” as a politician?

A: You see, I don’t believe in having a serious reputation or any of the other superficial aspects of politics that people like Modi ji and Kejriwal ji endorse. What I really want to endorse is the youth, like Boost, you know? India needs Boost- to release the secret of its energy! Oh, and also RTI.

RG Boost

Q: You had a very secretive education and up-bringing, and you had to keep switching schools. How is it to finally come out in the open?

A: Well, Mom didn’t want anyone to know who I was, because that put me in an unsafe position. In fact, as a kid, she used to warn me saying, “nazar lag jayegi!” I guess somewhere inside me, I still haven’t come out of that. Now I am the one who doesn’t want anyone to see me. Now there are more “buri nazar wale” out there.

RG kid

Q: Mr. Gandhi, your vocation is always a topic of discussion. What would you like to say to that?

A: You see, I don’t always speak… But when I do, I make sure it’s politically controversial.

RG speech

Q: Your personal life is quite under the covers. Please share with us, who is Rahul Gandhi outside Congress?

A: Well, outside the Congress, as you all may know, I live with my mom in the house that my great-grandpa Nehru ji built for us. Although I don’t have a curfew in-time at night any more, all my friends are now married and with kids. So I don’t party much. I DO like going to Indian houses for daal-chawal every now and then even though Mom insists I eat Italian pizzas at home! :(

RG slum

Q: You are Congress’s chosen candidate for the Prime Minister’s post if the party would come to power. This puts you up against Mr. Narendra Modi. How do you feel about that?

A: You see I was always the monitor of my class, even when I was home schooled. But when someone else was given the badge, my mom would tell me to wait patiently while she sent the messages to my teachers. Then, I would be monitor again! So it’s okay if Mr. Modi is Prime Minister for now. I am sure Mom has a plan!

RG mom

Q: You have served in the corporate and management careers before you joined the Congress as a political activist. So how did this transformation happen? Why not stay in a normal life? Like the commoners you support?

A: I think this was my destiny. After all, it runs in the blood. Quite frankly, I am not very particular about how to make changes in the system. But like every Indian who has seen foreign land, I like to pick out faults. So when Mom asked me to serve in her stead, I decided to rant about things I don’t really understand fully, but sound fancy. I hate politics, but like the common Indian child, my parents chose my career. So here I am!


Q: Any last words for our readers?

A: Vote for Congress!

RG vote

Interviewer: Tanya Malaiya

Design Credits: Amit Patel



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