Fake Friendly Fridays is a section where we pick a famous personality and throw fake questions at him/her and in return, we receive fake answers. Why should you not take it seriously? Because it is fake.

If you still didn’t get it: This is a fake interview written purely on the basis of the author’s imagination of how the actual interview would have been if we got the chance to interview these famous (some, for all the wrong reasons) personalities in real life. In short, just have a good laugh!

Hello everyone, your wait for the weekly dose of entertainment is over because we are back with yet another fun episode of Fake Friendly Fridays with ED Times. 

Joining us today is a personality par excellence, we all knew him as a mafia don but today he is a world record painter, let’s give a huge round of applause for none other than Majnu Bhai. 

Majnu Bhai Enters With Taking His Special Glasses Off
Majnu Bhai Enters With Taking His Special Glasses Off
Majnu Bhai Enters With Taking His Special Glasses Off
Majnu Bhai Enters With Taking His Special Glasses Off

*Majnu Bhai enters*

ED Times: Welcome. We are elated to have you with us today.

Majnu Bhai: *Blushes*

ED Times: Congratulations on making the world record Majnu Bhai. 

Majnu Bhai: *Blushes further and mumbles thank you*

ED Times: So, Majnu Bhai, you’re a world-class painter today but tell us about your beginnings. When was the first time you painted something? 

Manju Bhai: Wo bole toh by birth. Apun Paida-ich painter hua tha. 

ED Times: No doubt on that. 

*Uday Shetty whistles in the audience, Majnu Bhai is surprised by his presence in the audience*

Uday Bhai
Uday Bhai

ED Times: The world is aware that you have not one but two successful careers. One of an artist and the other of a mafia don. How do you manage, given that both these careers can be equally demanding?

Majnu Bhai: Arey, quite easily. I have a rule, jis din mein brush uthata hoon, gun nahi uthata. 

ED Times: Tell us something about the thought process behind your paintings, Majnu Bhai?

Majnu Bhai: The ideas behind my paintings are always taken from everyday life, I don’t believe in the abstract, I believe in ankhon dekha

ED Times: Interesting, could you describe your distinct approach a little for our audience? 

Majnu Bhai: Han toh bhailog, faltu artist logon ki tarah imagine karke nahi, painting banani hai toh direct banao, aankho dekha, englis mein bole toh live painting. 

ED Times: Thank you for that wonderful explanation, Bhai. Can we say that is the reason your paintings stand out?

Manju Bhai: Yes and no. Making live paintings is one part of it. There is more. I always try to give a social message with my paintings.

ED Times: Coming to your great pieces of art. With just your second painting, you have created a world record. How do you feel about it?

Majnu Bhai: My first painting, “Rocking Horse” is very close to my heart. 

"Rocking Horse"
“Rocking Horse”

*Audience gets excited and starts hooting*

It was “Rocking horse”, which made me who I am today and mind you it did well for its time too, it was auctioned at $50,000. 

My new painting which has sold at $1Trillion is called “Ab Ghode Ki Race Mein Gadhe Bhi Dodhenge”. It is about compassion, empathy, and treating everyone with the same respect.

As you can see, in both my paintings, there is an explicit social message, in “Rocking Horse“, I gave a message about love and understanding. In this, I gave a message about equality. 

ED Time: Right. Answer Honestly, Did you really think “Ab Ghode Ki Race Mein Gadhe Bhi Dodhenge” will do this well? 

Majnu Bhai Telling About His Painting “Ab Ghode Ki Race Mein Gadhe Bhi Dodhenge”
Majnu Bhai Telling About His Painting “Ab Ghode Ki Race Mein Gadhe Bhi Dodhenge”

Majnu Bhai: *Looking at Balu*

Meri Ek Taang Nakli Hai, Main Hockey Ka Bahut Bada Khiladi Tha…
Meri Ek Taang Nakli Hai, Main Hockey Ka Bahut Bada Khiladi Tha…

*Balu starts with his meri Ek taang nakli hai, main hockey ka bahut bada Khiladi tha…Uday Bhai signals him to shut up and Majnu to tell it himself*

Majnu Bhai: Sach bolun toh nahi par haan bhi. I wasn’t surprised, kyunki Rocking Horse” mein apun ne FM Hussian ka band Baja dala tha.

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ED Times: I’m sure. Majnu Bhai, a personal question, if you don’t mind.

Majnu Bhai: Han Puchho! Puchho!

ED Times: Does art help you in more than one way?

Majnu Bhai: Han toh, akha Duniya ko maloom hai Sanjana Behen ki Shadi kaise hui thi. Wo shareef shana Rajiv waise hi toh mila tha, while painting a live road scene. Toh, yes art helps in more than one way. 

ED Times: Last question Bhai, When is your next masterpiece coming? 

Majnu Bhai: Whenever next Uday Bhai is giving me a break from Sanjana Industries of Hafta Vasuli. 

*Uday Bhai laughs, sitting in the audience* 

ED Times: Thank you so much for your precious time Majnu Bhai, it was a pleasure talking to you.

Majnu Bhai: No mention. 

Majnu Bhai With His Entourage
Majnu Bhai With His Entourage

*Majnu Bhai leaves with his entourage*

ED Times: Thank you everyone for joining us tonight. We hope you liked today’s episode. 

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