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What if he fails ????




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Once a chaiwala, now a prime minister. All of us know the story of this great man. He finally takes the oath to serve the ‘entire’ country for five years. I cannot assure you about others but yes, many young voters like me must have stuck to their television sets on 26th to just see him getting a position which he rightly deserves. 

Narendra Modi, no longer remains a name, he is a brand now. He assures us all of five long years of service but the analysts feel that the man has the potential to go for 15 odd years if this term goes well. Some people call him gunda but it is for the fact that we need a gunda to end this ‘gundaraj’. He has done stupendously well in creating an aura which cannot be replicated.

Now that I have talked about him a lot, there is one more thing to talk about. We all discuss about his potentials and his ability but other side of the coin is still unexplored. ‘WHAT HAPPENS IF THIS MAN FAILS?’

  1. The youth connection: The first repercussion would be that young India would lose all its faith in politics. He is the one connecting the younger lot to the political drama of the country. The dream, the country he projects, if shattered will take the country back to the place where the revolution started. The young voters do not want promises only; they want them to be fulfilled.
  2. If not him, who will’: We all have witnessed that Congress is on its deathbed and for AAP it seems to be an end before the beginning. The country actually doesn’t have any option, else him. He is the only one to bank upon. We had never seen a person moblising the entire country. Goddamn! No Indian prime minister had created a niche (or should I term it as terror) for himself in world politics like the one he has. With all his skills of oratory, past success in Gujarat, his unmatchable personality he is just ‘perfect’.
  3. The great international impact: Mr. Modi has been invited twice to the WHITE HOUSE. Almost all SAARC nations had their representatives to attend the swearing in ceremony. Bollywood was there. Opposition, too, was given the due respect. He happens to be followed by Japan’s PM, who has just three people on his twitter account. Wow, what a start! However,if he fails in the mid-way, we have our international position hanging too. He certainly is the cementing force between India and the world. You may call it terror or simply his impact that the entire world has due attention to indian politics this time.


He, undoubtedly, is a man of substance. The only request I ,as a young voter, would like to make to him, “Sir, the country has shown its trust. They want the results, please. We have been exploited for the last 60 years and would not tolerate it now. You have been appointed as the captain of Indian politics. Please, hit some early sixes and fours, because all our hopes stay alive till the time you are on the crease. Kindly, win it! Hit it!



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