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History repeats itself; and so does fashion.


A trend comes in, goes viral and exactly when it seems to be a forever fashion trend, it disappears. Years later, that same trend comes back. Or rather, comes back with a Bang and the fashion industry falls for it. Again!

This, my friend, is the story of almost every vogue that ever existed. It might appear to be extinct, but hibernation it is. Every trend wakes up from its sleep, stronger and better like never before.

Here are the top 5 trends in practice today that rose from their graves:

  1. Crop tops:                                                                                           CropTops!   They came in as oversized workout wears (mid 1980s), evolved into a more fashionable version (mid 1990s) and soon, these baby doll shirts were a rage. By the late 1990’s, they were so mainstream, that the schools across the globe had to ban these. However, as 21st century approached, crop tops did not make their way with us.                         Now, in the 14th year of exactly the same century, these are back. Right from brands like Forever21 and Only, to the streets of Sarojini, crop tops rule the fashion world, yet again.
  1. Flannel Shirts:                                                                                  Flannel Shirts!The trademark of shaggy look in 1990’s and almost out of use in the decade that followed; flannel shirts are another piece of fashion that has elegantly walked back upon the ramp. With almost every brand having this in stock, the shirts are a hit, way more than they were back then!
  2. Neck pieces:                                                                                    Neck pieces: A rage again. No matter what culture we talk about, jewelry has always attracted women. In the context of this, there was this one period of heavy accessorizing and then the one that followed saw most women giving up the heavy neck pieces. Look around now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Almost every outfit is paired with that one accessory which was not very long ago, given up by a majority. In almost every color and design, right from the cost of a hundred bucks to thousands, neck pieces are no longer an abandoned accessory to girls.
  1. Overalls:                                                                                                              Cropped-OverallsIntroduced for the working class, this piece of clothing became a comfortable children’s cloth in the 1930’s .  Next 40 years, and they were a trending piece of cloth for every age.  20 years later, overalls were given up. Another 20 years and well, a trending piece of cloth for every age, once again!
  1. Lip shades:                                                                                                                   Bold Lips! Back in the ancient Mesopotamia, there has been evidence of the women, colouring their lips bright, using crushed semi precious stones. Fast forward to 16th century, where Queen Elizabeth caused a fashion rage with her blood red lips. And the rage has since then existed, until a few years from now, when women gave up coloured lips and preferred a nude, shimmery or simply a plain look instead.  Well, this phase too, has passed and we’re now in an age of bright lips, all over again. Red, Pink, Orange; this century is on its way back to Mesopotamia!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Moral of the article is, the next time you think of giving up your clothes or accessories because they seem to be out of fashion, think of keeping it safe, instead. For, if not your children, at least your grandchildren would get to make the best out of your stuff.



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