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Factor-7, a harrowing thriller novel by author J.D. May, is a must-read in 2021


On January 5, 2021, Author J. D. May released her stunning breakout novel, Factor-7. May first began drafting this harrowing thriller in the 1990s after the emergence of viruses like SARS and MERS. She was inspired to write after her daughter rediscovered the manuscript nearly two decades later. 

Factor-7 follows Dr. Sam Hawkins, a trauma surgeon whose life is changed forever by the cryptic words of a dying friend and the series of strange murders that follow his passing. As Sam pulls the string, he realizes that his friend had uncovered a clandestine plot by the Keepers Collegium, an international group of rogue government agents, to unleash a deadly virus. 

Sam teams up with Dr. Rainee Arienzo, an Italian infectious disease specialist, to uncover the truth about a new bio-weapon with a 98% mortality rate: Factor-7. But when Sam and Rainee are kidnapped by the drug cartel that financed the Collegium’s plot, they realize that they must play with one devil to avoid being burned by both. 

Adult readers with a broad range of tastes will find something to enjoy in May’s rousing debut. Factor-7 combines an intricate plot, three-dimensional characters, and unbelievable stakes at a breakneck pace perfect for fans of modern-day thrillers. With secrets, terror, betrayal, and redemptive love, Factor-7 delves deep into the idea that even the smallest choices can have world-altering consequences.

Early reviewers describe Factor-7 as realistic, captivating, and “a bit frightening.” They hail May’s extensive research in creating a believable global threat. Given the current state of the real-life world, May’s debut is a timely and relatable read.

J.D. May is an author and third generation Texan with a passion for introducing readers to the traditions, colloquialisms, and locales of her home state. When she isn’t writing, May enjoys traveling to Europe, visiting local beaches, and finding new ways to indulge her natural curiosity. She currently lives in South Texas with her husband, Buster, and also has a daughter. Visit her online at

Factor-7 is available for purchase on and other major retailers.

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