The “B” word no matter how big a taboo in the Indian society is, it’s an inevitable part of our lives and bodies.

Every woman has a chunk of tales to share about the weird-lovely-embarrassing-feel good- jealous-pretty-confident-out of the world-ugly experiences about her bras.

So here’s sharing a couple of relatable conversations we all have with our B’s-

1. It’s an emotion

You know if each of your Bras could be personified and they would make your pack of girls.

One would be your regular girlfriend like that one basic white B, your everyday upholder and then we all have that one extra fit giving all the sporty and gym feels friend which can again be spotted in your collection and one could also be the luscious, special, fanciest, laciest and the one meant for your special days.

Thus you can easily say it’s not just a garment it’s an emotion some like and others don’t.

2. “Woh Diin”

You know the extra effort and attention which goes behind that well-crafted cleavage is unimaginably unparalleled.

If you’re doing the Indian conventional beauty rules right then it’s also very common for you to feel sad for your cleavage or let’s say the lack of it.

The amount of emotions bubbling within you when you spot the better plunging neckline in the party is the worst. But ladies, believe me even the best of the lot have bad days.

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3. Up and Down

There are bad days and then there are (read worst) days when you are into the fitness mode and you forget to slip into something really essential: this is an experience not everyone would love to have.

One should feel worthy of what one’s inner garment allows you to feel, so many emotions without hesitation.

Embarrassment is also one such emotion amongst the many on the spectrum which all of us have explored.

So the next time either tie them up or they will lead to your doom, I meant sport shoelaces.

4. “Dooriyan”

Times of bidding farewell are the toughest but so essential. All of us have that one pair of T-shirt/pajamas we cling on to until it becomes a rag and is used as a pocha. Bras have similar feelings.
I mean a friend who’s supported you in times of requirement, comforts you at the right time and fits you totally making you feel the best. It’s tough to accept and then move on to the terrible reality of parting.

5. Victoria’s secret

After years of hard work, patience and hard-earned money you get a piece of a super-exclusive Brassiere. It’s already a status symbol and you’ve already taken on the world.

No matter how much we all love luxurious lingerie, let’s be honest, they cost us our souls. These costly brassieres are our guilty pleasure and we all dream about them.

But not everybody can decode Victoria’s secret though.
6. Unhook and switch off

The auspicious moment of unhooking is like a breath of fresh air in Delhi’s smog-filled days. That moment when your pair gets free from the oppression of an underwire… it’s called- “azaadi”.

It’s the moment after which a “lakshmanrekha” gets drawn outside your room and is undoubtedly the most awaited moment.

So ladies if you want it wear it then bear it and uphold them. Also spell it out loud, it’s not “B”.

It’s a BRA!

Design Credits: Soumya Arora 

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