Fame often comes with a little bit of craze. Or maybe it is the eccentric personalities that are most drawn to the world of music, art, and performance. We often get to hear about brilliant, talented people acting in strange ways or having bizarre attitudes. Today, we take a look at some of the most talented and eccentric musicians of the modern world.

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1. Prince:

Prince was a talented musician and producer, but his ways made people smile in surprise from time to time. He is known to have officially changed his passport names into “Love Symbol #2”, and to have performed with the word “Slave” drawn on his cheek.

He was also an avid Jehovah’s Witness and paid respect to his duty by going from home to home in an attempt to convert other people. He is known to have tried to convert even Jewish families with enviable perseverance.

2. Bjork:

Bjork is extraordinary in all her ways, from dressing to singing and directing her videos. She wears the most bizarre outfits, like a dead swan dress, and is even known to have eaten her own clothes after she broke up with her lover.

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3. Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga has a public image of a shocking fashion icon, and this translates into her personal life as well. She tweets the strangest messages and wears very unusual clothes, almost never going out without a weirdly-shaped hat. Many 888Casino Online fans are also supporters of eccentric fashion.

4. Lucky Ali:

Lucky Ali is loved by many generations of Indians thanks to his soothing voice and deep lyrics. But he is also known to have an eccentric personality. His loud relationship with his father, who is also a famous Indian actor, has often become subject to public discussion.

He sometimes made jokes about not recognizing his father when he saw him, for the latter had to be away much during all of his childhood. Lucky also does not hide the fact that he tried marijuana, and wrote a heavy film script involving drugs and murder. However, he is most loved for the talented musician that he is, and the love of Indians is truly deserved.

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5. Michael Jackson:

The Pop King’s most eccentric move was perhaps changing his skin color. Not everybody has the guts. However, he is also famous for some other strange moves, like almost dropping a baby out of the window or patenting anti-gravity boots. He also took his chimpanzee pets to see Liz Taylor once.

6. Courtney Love:

Courtney Love is famous for her weird stage outfits and controversial tweets. In some of them, she has offered to be Kesha’s mother and posted a photo of herself with a turtle on her head. Some of her Twitter posts even featured nudes.

She also once tweeted that she managed to break her breast implants. A bit of attention-calling, but nevertheless eccentric behavior.

In the modern artistic world, being eccentric is more than a choice – it is a statement. After all, if everybody dressed, looked and behaved the same, the artistic world would not be as interesting. Having an eccentric lifestyle is what complements a musician’s image and performance, and what gives us all something to discuss over a cup of tea.

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