The application, TikTok or, was removed from the Apple iOS store and the Google Play Store after an order from the Madras High Court.

With over a million plus users in India, the removal of the app has evoked a mixture of emotions among both the users and the non-users.

The announcement of the ban was music to some people’s ears, but for the TikTok fans and ‘Musers‘, the ban was frustrating.

For teen influencers like Aashika Bhatia and Avneet Kaur, who had a following of 4.8 million and 3.62 million respectively, this ban meant the loss of a major fan base.

The issue of the ban is trending all over social media platforms and has been the source of several passionate debates. People from all walks of life are discussing the application and presenting their own viewpoints.

Heated Remarks From Many…

The parents of most of the teen kids are overjoyed with the ban because they felt their children were spending too much time on the application.

 One of the most notable remark was the one by the Sacred Games actress, Kubbra Sait. A remark so prominent that it managed to not get lost in a sea of comments.

 Kubbra tweeted that the ban was a sign of relief for many and no ban would have made her as happy as this one did.  She was slammed for this statement by a popular user, Vikas Gupta.

Gupta pointed out how people like him worked their brains out to create engaging content for the application and how her comment undervalued all the talented artists present on the application.

Agreeing with Vikas, I too, feel that the ban was a bit too harsh of a move.

Kubbra’s opinion is wrong for all the right reasons. Her tweet voiced the elite progressive who think low of the TikTok users.  

According to me, the application helped a lot of people to just put themselves out there. TikTok offered a platform for many, to be their dramatic selves. The wave of the acting based musical videos helped a lot of folks to get in touch with their inner artists.

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Promotion of Creation…

The application was distinct from its counterparts like Instagram and Snapchat, as it did not promote comparison, instead promoted content creation.

In a world like today’s, where we are swimming in a sea of content, it is essential to have an outlet where one can create more than they consume.

TikTok helped users unleash their inner performers, by providing a platform for people to inspire and to get inspired.

Mindful Consumption Was the Way to Go…

The usage of the application may have led to some critical episodes, but isn’t telling people to be more mindful of their usage, a better way to deal with it?

The ban on the application is only going to shift the focus of the users from TikTok to a more addictive application. Perhaps, people who were spending their energy in creating content will now be scrolling mindlessly through other applications.

Therefore, this ban is not just on the application but also translates into a ban on the imaginative outlet for many.

What do you think of the ban on the application ‘TikTok’? Do let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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