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Éric Favre speaks about maintaining the family business ‘Les 3 Chênes/Eric Favre group’, credits teamwork behind the company’s success



All businesses face challenges in terms of the changing economy, finding and hiring the right employees or tackling the competition in the market. The family businesses also go through these challenges as it comes with a burden of continuing the legacy established by the ancestors. 

Today he is running a successful business of the laboratory named ‘Les 3 Chênes/ Eric Favre group’. Éric who hails from the Lyon city of France has got great support  in taking the business to a new level. Éric since the last 25 years has been running this family-owned business which is a full range of green spaces, reliefs and pure air in Monts du Lyonnais. The company which has kept its reputation intact in France has got the laboratory’s international development spread across the globe. Éric behind the company’s success credits his entire team who has been working rigorously towards meeting its goals. 

The entrepreneur says that every employee is equal and important for him from those 165 employees working in the company. When asked about the company’s success in the French market, Éric said, “It is the effort of one and all which has made the company a successful name. As far as I see the success, it has been 25 years of sheer hard work, determination and discipline. I believe anyone can be successful if he or she is loyal to the work.” The 56-year old entrepreneur further added that the company has got a lot of projects coming up. Speaking about the best quality he has learnt from his family, Favre stated that it has to be humbleness. 

“Whether it is a clerk or a highly qualified employee, I have the same behaviour with all the employees of the company. Being kind and humble is what I have learnt from my family and I have seen them treating employees and members of the company with dignity and respect”, quoted Éric. Throughout his life, the entrepreneur has focused on building human and material wealth over making profits. According to him, profit in the company will gradually happen when there are loyal and deserving employees. Looking at the incredible success of Éric Favre, many young and aspiring entrepreneurs ought to be like him who has always stuck to his roots despite achieving major success in the business world.

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