Entrepreneurship couldn’t get easier. Newsopreneur- changing the whole game of startups

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t know where to start with, follow Newsopreneur.

Newsopreneur, started by Harsh Vardhan Sharma (@the.real.harsh) has more than 130,000 followers. What’s so special about this Instagram page is that it provides you the news you can apply in real life.

Newsopreneur is taken from the words “News” “Entrepreneur” which means news of entrepreneurs.

He believes that the way entrepreneurs see the world is different and if wanted to give that “entrepreneur eye” to the world. This eye would help change their lives forever.

He likes to say, “Life is an open book so why not learn from it?”

And newsopreneur work along the same lines. Why learn from your own life incidents when you have the option to learn from thousands of incidents good or bad happening in the world.

Newsopreneur is a news channel dedicated for only entrepreneurial mindset people.

To start off, the page gives you an infographic with the news in every post. The difference between newsopreneur and other news pages is the caption. In the caption, you get a long, easy explanation of the post with a “lesson to be learnt” at the end of it.

With the unique concept of providing summarized news with lessons, the page is attracting all the youth interested in entrepreneurship.

So many young people who want to be investors, entrepreneurs or open their startups don’t know where to begin with. This page is the best start if you’re one of those people.

The page was started by a 17 year old as an experiment for his book “100k followers in 100 days” and has well over 130k followers in just a year.

The world is really competitive and if you lack certain tools and guidelines, you might not make it. Around 50% of the startups fail within the 5 year of their launch.

If you have the tools and the guidelines and need to know on a daily basis what’s “out there”, newsopreneur is the best option for you.

With the long captions you not only get a full, easy description of the news but you also learn important lessons that you can apply in your daily life.

At the mere age of 17, Harsh was able to generate sales over $20 million dollars for his clients just by “observing what others ignored”.

Walking along the similar lines, he said “I wanted to give the world that ability to observe from the incidents and things happening around them. For me, there was no better option than giving a “lesson to be learned” at the end of the News summary.

According to Harsh, “Newsopreneur is soon coming up with an App and is targeting to cross 1 million in 2021” “We are opening Newsopreneur global to target USA consumers” he added. 

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