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Entrepreneur Bianca Festejo’s Quest to Digitise the Beauty industry


Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been under the wrath of COVID-19. Nearly all industries were affected, but somehow people have learned to live with it. As it is said, innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not as a threat; digitalization helps us achieve that. From the education industry to retail, healthcare, and banking, everything now is going online. Bianca Festejo, a beauty expert and entrepreneur, feels that the beauty industry should also keep up with the whole world amid the digital transformation.

 Born and brought up in the Philippines, Bianca Festejo is a permanent makeup specialist, beauty expert, and influencer who changes lives with her scar and stretch mark revision technique. She believes that it is not about changing, but merely enhancing features one already has. Trained under experts in Brazil and the USA and mastered her knowledge in Paris, Festejo is one of the first to introduce the camouflage tattooing technique in Asia and even improved it with the adaptation of technology that she now calls Nue Conceal. 

Camouflage tattoo uses a skin tone pigment to match the skin color, making the scars and discoloration less visible in the naked eye. However, the most challenging part, according to Festejo is finding the right pigment to match the skin “you need to find the perfect hue to match the skin tone. If the artist makes a mistake, it will be hard or even impossible to correct, which will lead to more damage than good,” Festejo added. This dilemma gave birth to Nue Conceal, which combines the art of tattooing, the science of color theory, and the technology of using a gadget and an app to identify the person’s skin color and easily match it with the pigment. Nue Conceal makes it easier for artists to identify the right pigment and technique to use, which leads to client satisfaction. 

“My team and I had to do everything from scratch, from finding the right color hue of over 100 actual skin tones, matching them with the high-quality pigment and incorporating them in the gadget. It was a lot of hard work and perseverance, but we managed to do it” she said. Festejo also partnered with a top pigment laboratory in Europe to ensure the high quality of the pigments. 

“It’s now my mission to bring this treatment and technology worldwide and help people with scars and stretch marks regain their self-esteem,” she said. To do this, she believes that her knowledge needs to be shared. Bianca has created an e-course where she teaches her camouflage tattoo technique. Students can now learn this procedure from the comfort of their homes. This will help save her students from the trouble of traveling and expenditure. She has assured that her online training quality will be the same as the training done in person. “It is even better because students can always re-play the videos to make sure that they don’t miss anything. We also have a dedicated team to help support every student with their learning needs,” she added. 

This is not the first time that Festejo has digitalized her business. When Covid-19 pandemic started, she immediately took her salon business online by creating a beauty on-demand app that she calls Bianca Home. Through the app, beauty-goers can book their favorite beauty and pampering treatments, and Festejo’s group of beauty specialists will go to the client’s homes, making pamper time more convenient. 

Although a pioneer in camouflage tattooing, it’s not the only thing she has gained expertise in. She has also mastered the technique of microblading, which allows people to have perfectly symmetrical brows that frame their faces. She has traveled to five cities in three continents to gain Master’s in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Keratin Lash Lift. Owner of a chain of salons, she is also an entrepreneur and a social media strategist. 

The secret of her success is that she always listens to client feedback carefully and takes each review quite seriously. Keeping in pace with the ongoing trends, she never fails in bettering her techniques. 

Bianca’s beauty treatments are helping people achieve the confidence they lack in themselves. In a world that is so centered around the ‘visible beauty’, her passion for what she does has proven to be a blessing for many. She has been changing the lives of many of those who are somehow a little less confident about how they look or about their bodies. She says, “For a lot of people, beauty is not just vanity but something that helps them harness their confidence. As long as we get to help our clients feel great, then it will remain a fulfilling business for me.”

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