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Enter A Zone Of Fantasy And Comfort With This Song


By Shreya Jha

Paris brings forth the warmth and nostalgia which all of us need from time to time. Though the music is predictable at times, it forms a part of classy rendition of fantasy and comfort from which we never want to come out, feel safe and secure in it and hate being brought out from the zone.

Paris By Chainsmokers
Paris By Chainsmokers

In the last song by Chainsmokers, ‘closer’, we were introduced to fragile details of every romantic relationship like. It was more of a commemoration of the joy which we get when we are back with our lover. The song closely captured the emotions with ground reality of life and how we act in daily situations.

PARIS, on the other hand is more of fantasy which is a phase in which the couple wants to remain and hate being brought out from. The song is not based in Paris but uses this city’s name synonymously for :

“1. A sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams”

This is shown when the video of the song is starting so as to make the audience familiar with the sense with which the song was composed.

The video shows Instagram model Alexis Ren across different tropical locations. And the video has been shot by videographer Rory Kramer (the same videographer who had shot for “closer”.)

The song emphasises on the fact of living life carefree,  with the joy of getting drunk on the past. There is no point in living in past or future. The only moment which we have is now. So we must be living and not just exist. The song has invigorating lines like “ we take in the air of village” to signify the joy and warmth of living it without interference, village is an experience which signifies relaxation of mind, body and soul. And here we are in the village with our loved one, enjoying every bit of excitement and cheer.

Furthermore, the lyrics imposes an underlying belief in togetherness, bond and love. If we go down, we go down together and we will escape whatever comes in our way.

Paris by Chainsmokers offers a very refreshing insight into how we must look at life. Though connecting the dream-like aspect of Paris would be in contradiction to reality of life, Paris is not just a song, it is a feeling, it needs to be looked beyond the clichéd lyric and tune combination. It exudes in the audience a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Of course the genre of the song is romantic but we may look at it with every other aspect. The bonds in general which we form, which gives us the strength to survive through our thick and thins, the bonds which blows up our worries which might just be for a while, but it does.

Escaping from reality is actually a way to live life better. It is gives a sense if meaning and direction, a purpose and goal which is far greater than any one else can tell you or instruct you. You can never be knocked down because of the strength and support of your dreams and the hands which hold us during our passage to those dreams.

Thus Chainsmoker’s new song Paris is a new addition to our playlist with a promise to ensure escape from reality and reinstated faith in life.

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