EGGxactly EGGelicious

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is no fixed time to enjoy an egg dish. This cooler weather calls for succulent eggs, regular dishes but with scrumptious stuffing and toppings.

Warm your soul with these 5 fast cooker dishes.


I love you. This is what I say when it comes to pizza. I cannot imagine life without pizza. And I’ll probably do anything if you serve me hot and crispy crust with a mouthwatering red sauce topping and on top of that, a glorious runny yolk sitting like a king on its throne. Feeling hungry, eh? The two very favorite of mine fused together will be your favorite too if you try this one out. You already are aware of the ingredients. *PEACE*




McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts are probably the names you are all aware of. The juicy, big and expensive burger they offer makes your pocket go empty. You are tempted to have it when you are outside but it is always challenging and joyous to make your own burger when at home. This snack doesn’t require much time to be prepared and can give your taste buds a heavenly experience.

Adding a slice of cheddar or mozzarella cheese and a half-fried egg layer to your favorite bun will make you go nuts. You only require bun, cheese, eggs, tastemaker and PATIENCE!




The most common food item one can find in an Indian meal is potato; served in no matter any form. Baked potatoes taste good. But what if I tell you that this good can change to become Awesome. Interesting, right? Baking a potato once is no fun. Instead, cut the potato in half and add eggs to both the halves with oozing cheese and bake it again. I can bet you’ll preserve this dish forever. This dish deserves your tears of joy and saliva of happiness. Nothing beats this EGGelicious dish. Oh! Except for EGG PIZZA. :D




Okay, what now? Yes. You read it right. The weirdest sounding yet healthy, tasty and versatile dish demanding to be eaten is EGG DOSA. The thin and crispy layer of dosa with half fried egg makes it all more heavenly and lively. No need of any sort of chutney or sambhar to tickle your taste buds. This dosa is enough to mingle with them. Why eat bread in the morning when you can make an EGG DOSA. *WOW*




An open-faced egg sandwich stuffed with peppy onions and salty capsicum is a morning treat. The fun thing about this dish is that you get to look at all the goodness that is out of sight when it is actually sandwiched between two slices of bread. It looks unique and flattery when served on a platter. Easy to make, easy to eat but hard to forget the taste. Add spices, ketchup and cheese to make it hard for you to say no to. Instead of boiled eggs and toasts, try something of this sort that would make your meal a happy one.


-By Aayush Gupta

Image Source: Google Images


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