ED VoxPop: What Is Your Favourite Blended Dish?

All Indian restaurants are experimenting by blending one cuisine with another. It doesn’t only look tasty but sounds enticing too, right?
Dishes like Butter Chicken Pizza, Chilli Chicken Paratha and Tandoori momos have been here for a while now. These dishes give a desi touch to other cuisines and simply satisfy our taste buds by giving us the best of both worlds.

Thinking about such fusions, we asked people which all blends they would further like to see.

Here are the responses:




If you are craving for fusions like these, we have a couple of places you can go to. Big Yellow Door has the best Butter Chicken Pizza and Pasta and QD’s has the most mouth-watering Tandoori Momos.
However, my personal favourite Tandoori Momos are the one that are sold by hawkers in Amar Colony Market.

We would definitely like to see more blends like these. Which all blends would you like to see? Comment below and tell us. :)


Graphic Credits – Abhinav Jain


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