ED VoxPop: What Is The One Thing That Your Dad Taught You, That You Would Pass On To Your Kids?

Dad is the first superhero of his daughter, and the first ever friend of his son. Fathers do everything in their power to make their kids’ dreams come true. They act as a shield to protect their children from the dangers of the world. But, their job isn’t commended as much as it ought to be. With this in mind, we did our bit to make people realise the importance of dads in life.

A part of ED’s original VoxPop, as Father’s Day was round the corner, we decided to ask people the one thing that their father taught them, that they would want to pass on to their kids.

Take a look at their heartfelt answers and make this Father’s Day special for your father!


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Think about everything your Dad has done for you. Go down the memory lane with him and remind him that his efforts were not futile! 

Graphic Credits: Abhinav Jain

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