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Fashion is the best way to represent yourselves. The kind of clothes one wears conveys a lot about the person and their personality. In the age of social media and media influencers, fashion is getting a lot of hype.

People are quick to judge what they wear and pass comments on what they think of other people’s fashion sense. Hence, people try to buy new clothes again and again so that they don’t have repetitive outfits because apparently, repeating outfits is a crime (not literally).

Another aspect of fashion is buying branded clothes. Those who wear clothes from high-end brands such as Zara are considered fashionable. Whereas, ones who wear local brands are looked down upon. However, fortunately, trends are changing and people are embracing street shopping.

Yet, there are many who prefer buying branded clothes. But the reality is that some and afford it, while some can’t. Hence, there are dupes of high-end brands at affordable rates. One can get dupes of Zara, Sabyasachi, and brands at less prices.

So, we asked GenZ whether they prefer buying dupes. Let’s see their responses.

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Let us know in the comments below what are your thoughts on buying dupes.

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