ED Gets You The Most Unusual Comparison Between MS Dhoni vs Justin Trudeau Through Some Kickass Posters

In today’s poster series, our EDians have put together few of the amazing traits of our very loved captain cool, MS Dhoni and the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau to show how behind every great and successful team is a leader with a lot of patience, confidence, endurance, positivity and humility.

This is an unusual comparison, hence both of them are from different fields.

What they have in common is that they’re both Captain Cool.

Scroll down to read how the two amazing personalities have given their best in their respective fields.

These are the guys who give all of us being human goals.

We call them saviours because:


Time is not a hurdle for them:


They are the multi-talented players:

They value and respect fresh talent:

And of course, age is not a bar:


Last but definitely not least, in today’s times, there’s no one who’s proved to be a better leader, while handling controversies and the media. 

Trudeau and Dhoni have shown examples of handling or dealing with the journalists with great aplomb.


Poster Credits: Abhinav Jain

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