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ED Forecasts Economy 2012


The year before was one where not only did we see the unexpected but also a negative phase. Hopefully 2012 has something good in store for us. And this is what all economists are saying. Lets see 7 things that will surely define the 2012 economy:

Metro: The metro ridership will increase by 2/5ths, also increasing their tariffs marginally. Metro work might slow down without its former chief and the phase III might get delayed a bit. Also some changes might be brought upon in the metro route. More facilities like banks near metro stations and transport facilities around the metro will improve drastically.

Infrastructure: More flyovers, underpasses, subways, and elevators will be built for public benefit. We can expect some autos to be removed and less traffic even though the auto expo is happening this year. Then Delhi map might have some changes with high rise coming in.

Stock Market: Sensex might just have a rebound and it might hover around the 19k mark. Nifty shares will gain the most this year. The Investor will not only be wise, he will also be careful in selecting the company he wants to invest in. Brokers might increase their fees for services given. Also IPO’s like Facebook’s etc. will bring in a new era in the stock market.

Bullion: Gold will be bet this year. Hoping to cross the 30k mark, Gold will rise due to global economic bleeding and euro zone crisis. Also it will rise due to a drastic fall in the rupee. Silver on the hand may become more volatile and will just  be in the 45-60k region. Both these metals will be stronger than the favorites in the share market.

RBI: It will play the most important role this year. Also the policies might get stricter in every sector. Although Subbarao might loose the rope in loan rates and growth. Inflation will be a problem this year too, although it also might fall if some slap-gates happen.

Consumer: Is The King and will remain the King this year too. he will be more technology, price driven. Also we will have stringent consumer policies which will help them to overcome market related problems.

Social media: Facebook, Twitter ad other social networking sites will have more platforms for discussions through which the Government will get to know the public opinion.By this they will be able to create such opinion based policies which will cater to every individual.



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