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During This COVID-19 Crisis The Vishwa Shanti Mission Charitable Trust Comes Forward To Help Lakhs Of Needy People


COVID-19 has put the citizens of India, in crisis. This deadly virus is not only harming people physically, but the jobs of people also got lost. People do not even have money to buy daily rations.

In such a time, the Vishwa Shanti Sewa Charitable Trust is helping the needy families and individuals. This relief service has now been terminated, however.

On the last day, the organization officials provided ration materials to dozens of Braj’s needy folk artists, and the mission provided relief assistance to more than 1 lakh people in the form of food, ration, mask, sanitizer, etc. throughout the lockdown.

On 8 June, under the COVID-19 Relief Service, Vishwa Shanti Sewa Charitable Trust provided ration packages including flour, pulses, rice, chili spices to folk artists affected by the lockdown, in the park at Krishnanagar.

On this occasion, the organization secretary Vijay Sharma informed everyone about the mission being run under the leadership of organization President Pandit Devkinandan Thakur and how relief food material was distributed since the beginning of the lockdown, providing assistance.

Organization Secretary Vijay Sharma distributed relief material to more than three dozen artists. During the distribution, Dr. Deepak Goswami, folk artist Khemchand Yaduvanshi, ward councillor Monu Arora, Atul Upadhyay, and other dignitaries were also seen present.

Apart from Braj, service works were also done at other places. In this, a ration package with raw food items was given to 11 thousand 300 families with 4 members on average, in Mathura-Vrindavan.

The Organization Secretary Vijay Sharma said that during the entire lockdown, the organization and committee members have provided relief service to more than 1 lakh people.

Not only this, the media in-charge Jagdish Verma said, “The organization had donated Rs 11 lakh for corona relief in PM Cares and when the whole country is still helpless due to this corona pandemic, in this situation the organization president Pandit Devkinandan Thakur also called upon his disciples, from all across the country contributes to disaster relief funds. Approximately Rs 22 lakh the amount was also deposited by his disciple Mukesh Sharma, resident of Bangalore, in the relief fund of Haryana and Karnataka Government. Apart from this, many of his disciples also participated in this service work by offering funds to PM Cares for support.”

Relief works have also been done by service committees working in other states of the organization that helped 5 thousand families. Also, cooked food and masks, sanitizers were distributed to more than 22 thousand people at various places by the organization, for which no donation for it was taken and all these arrangements were made by Pandit Devkinandan Thakur.

Organization manager Gajendra Singh said that the activists went to the destitute families living in the road and poor families in settlements and provided them ration. These include especially handicapped and disabled people.

During the lockdown in the country, the poor people of the country are facing the most difficulty, and, during this period, the members of the Vishwa Shanti Mission helped the genuinely needy families and provided them with a dry ration on priority. The list of needy persons was also sent to the organization through various social workers, corporators, media workers, and political representatives working in Mathura-Vrindavan, who were distributed relief material on time.

In this time of crisis, our shields like cleaning personnel, police personnel, and doctors, who are being respected by the whole country, also got respected by our organization. Ration materials and sanitizers were also provided to the cleaning personnel in Vrindavan and their morale was raised by Pandit Devkinandan Thakur by raining flowers on them. In addition to this, the organization greeted more than 150 media workers working in Mathura by providing protection kits of masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc.

Not only this, during the lockdown, the Bhagwat spokesperson Pandit Devkinandan Thakur also remained connected to people through social media. Pandit Devkinandan Thakur kept making everyone aware of staying indoors and following the safety regulations issued by the government in the lockdown. He also advised people, to wear masks and use sanitizers and maintain social distancing as advised.

In the 70-day lockdown, more than 1 dozen prominent workers continued their service in an infectious environment in the distribution of relief materials. Vishnu Sharma told that  “initially, we were afraid about the COVID-19 but later we started enjoying it, and in the meantime, Pandit Devkinandan Thakur came and tested his own arrangements and praised us so that our spirits increased even more.”

The activists associated with this organization include Kamal Sharma, Vishnu Dutt, Rohit, Amit Sharma, Neeraj Bharti, Dinesh Sharma, Dharmendra Singh, Ankit, Shivam, Ramjeevan, Bhudev Sharma, Rahul Mishra, Sanjay, Parsotti Sharma, Gauri, and Arvind.


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