The Indian doctors have shown exemplary courage during the COVID-19 pandemic as they risked their lives while dealing with the virus first hand by treating and curing the COVID-19 patients. However, there were some doctors who may not be treating the COVID-19 patients but they were still doing a great job by treating those patients who were suffering from other diseases. Many hospitals were converted into dedicated COVID-19 hospitals and patients of other diseases were not treated over there. At one fell swoop, it won’t be wrong to say that many people were scared of even entering the hospitals at that time so some doctors gave online consultations and helped many patients.

Dr. Rahila Shaikh is one such doctor who was very busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, she is a Unani consultant, True Healer and a Health Coach with a pretty good experience of 12 years. She practices at Dr Rahila’s Holistic Health centre and academy at Phoenix Paragon Plaza, Kurla West, Mumbai and she did her Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) in the year 2006 from M.I.J TIBBIA UNANI Medical College, Mumbai. She has also completed specialization in various certificate courses in Naturopathy and Haemo Dialysis Technology Course.

Dr. Rahila Shaikh, the thyroid specialist is also famous for being an expert in Pulse Diagnosis and in her career of 12 years, she has not only treated thousands of patients but also shown them the way to live a medicine free happy life. Dr. Rahila Shaikh is also a member of Integrated Medical Practitioner Association Mumbai (IMPA) and has an expertise in treating patients of following diseases: Migraine, Diabetes, Allergy, thyroid, Heart diseases and blockages, all types of Gynecological issues, Asthma and all types of respiratory issues, problems related to digestion, orthopedic and pediatric plus she also does general health check up. Dr. Rahila Shaikh also manages a YouTube channel on which she shares valuable information and knowledge with her followers and plays an important role in keeping them healthy and fit.

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients who were suffering from different diseases faced difficulties as they were not getting treated at the hospitals and there were also many who didn’t even want to visit a hospital as they were scared of catching the infection. Dr. Rahila Shaikh carried out virtual consultations with patients and their family members and advised them about the treatment. She stated that she was also contacted by some patients who were critical but didn’t want to visit hospitals despite the fact that they were suffering from acute pneumonia and other severe respiratory diseases. 

Other than helping patients online, Dr. Rahila Shaikh did her best to create awareness about COVID-19 and made many people understand the importance of following safety protocols.

The efforts of Dr. Rahila Shaikh got appreciation from all the corners and recently she got honored with the Corona Warrior Award 2021 by Times Applaud, the renowned and highly esteemed global PR distribution network for the huge contribution that she made towards the society in the tough times. 

We certainly need more doctors like Dr. Rahila Shaikh who are always ready to help their patients even in the most critical times.


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