After pop-star Rihanna posted her tweet about the farmer’s protest in India, many celebrities and activists around the world started sharing their opinion. Some knew what was going on with the protest, whereas others didn’t.

Meenakshi Ashley Harris or Meena Harris is the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris. She is an American lawyer and children’s book author with a strong social media following. 

US Vice President Kamala Harris and niece Meena Harris

Like others, Meena started opposing the farm laws. Misinformed Meena Harris tweeted, “we ALL should be outraged by India’s internet shutdowns and paramilitary violence against farmer protesters.” She also said that she will not be intimidated and silenced after facing criticism.

The problem in her tweet is that there was no paramilitary violence. It was the protestors who unleashed violence and caused so much chaos in the capital.

The protesters attacked the cops with swords, tried to stab them, and even tried to run them over with their tractors, injuring more than 400 police personnel. 

What is ironic is that when the protestors stormed Capitol Hill, she ranted on and on about it. She termed that protest as fascism that threatened democracy in the United States.

But, when the rioters dishonored the National Flag on Republic Day, she did not have the same stand on that.

Why Is She Becoming A Problem For The White House?

Besides all this, her close ties with Kamala Harris, the second most powerful person in the US, brings a lot of attention. She has flaunted her relation with the Vice President many times and has become quite an issue in the White House.

On one hand, Meena called those who were critical of her stand as a mob of angry misogynists, and on the other, Joe Biden’s administration welcomed moves aimed at “improving the efficiency of Indian markets” and attracting “greater private sector investment” in agriculture.

White House reporter Sabrina Siddiqui’s tweet

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One of the many controversial things that the Stanford and Harvard Law graduate has done is that she flew to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration on a private plane owned by a donor to Biden’s campaign. She even posted pictures of that on Instagram.

Meena is an author of two books, Ambitious Girl and Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea. Some say that she used Kamla’s name to sell copies of her book and become one of the bestsellers. She also started a clothing line and co-founded a production company after the Presidential election in November 2020.

White House officials say that Meena [Harris] would be prohibited from publishing that book now because it uses Kamala’s [Vice President’s] name in the title and her likeness on the cover,” the report in Politico reads.

In August 2020, Meena Harris had “pushed” the campaign team to sell a shirt designed by her and her influencer friend in their store. Later, Biden’s team removed Meena’s name from the campaign shirt.

Many television appearances that the 36-year-old social media influencer made mixed her brand with her aunt’s career. She would not have given such a platform if she wasn’t Kamala Harris’ niece.

The company of Meena Harris, Phenomenal Productions, made a two-minute video that features her aunt Kamala Harris in some clips. The project created problems for the White House.

At the start of this year, she had a business collaboration between her company Phenomenal and Beats Electronics. Biden’s lawyers had to tell Meena Harris that she can’t use Kamala Harris’ name, image, or likeness for profit.

Post by Lesley Ann Brandt

A report by Axios suggested that Kamala Harris did not have any information regarding Meena Harris’s business collaborations. 


There is no problem in commenting on international matters because it is possible for us to feel and understand the difficulties faced by many people. However, if we are supporting an issue, things we say matters a lot. 

If people start posting without any information about the problem, or any factual data, it may be insensitive to those suffering it. 

Many people might use sensitive issues as a publicity stunt. We as a consumer of such information needs to be aware of what is wrong and right. Instead of blindly believing in what someone said or tweeted, we should look for reliable sources so that we are not misinformed about any issue.

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Sources: Swarajya, Politico, Axios, Los Angeles Times

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  1. Seems like paid to mislead people by mixing up issues to defame others and claiming that they are confused.
    Sad at how the country has gone against democracy and President Biden’s advise just a week earlier not heeded, how do people expect him to support against greedy China, whose ambitions to rule Asia are open. Is that when we will learn and all these trolls then blame their leader?


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