While the Indian Farmers’ Protest took an international turn in the past few weeks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the issue in his address at the Rajya Sabha on Monday.

International celebrities like pop-icon Rihanna, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, adult star Mia Khalifa, poet Rupi Kaur, and lawyer-author Meena Harris, took to Twitter to raise awareness about the farmers’ protest last week.

Following this, several Indian celebrities, actors, and sportsmen took to their social media to express how the matter should be kept ‘internal’ and not commented upon by international influencers. In his address today, Prime Minister Modi also criticised the comments made by these international celebrities.

Through the said speech, the Prime Minister also invited the farmers to stop the protest and come forward to find a solution to the issue by negotiating instead.

FDI: Foreign Destructive Ideology

“The nation is making progress and we are talking about FDI but I see that a new FDI – ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’ has come to the fore. We have to protect the nation from this new FDI!”

– Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In the PM’s address on Monday, he coined two new terms, FDI and ‘Andolan Jeevi’, saying that in the last few years “we have witnessed a new category of protestors, ‘Andolan Jeevi’, who one can witness in every agitation. We need to protect this country from these Andolan Jeevi – they don’t have their own strength, but they join all agitations.”

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It is said that the PM made the latter remark based on agitations that have come up in the past year with the passing of laws and regulations. This was the PM’s first address regarding the involvement of international celebrities in the farmers’ protest.

While people have conflicting views on the whole matter, Indian celebrities have made their stance very clear on the issue and took to their social media to go against the possible uprising.

The opposition parties on the other hand have said that an international gaze on the protest affects the reputation of the country and that the farmers’ demands need to be fulfilled.

Twitter Reacts To This

Irrespective of the serious nature of the debate, Twitter made its day by bringing out several trolls, commenting on the new FDI. While many loved the wordplay on FDI, others gave a shot and used their own word-playing skills.

Several influencers and opposition leaders have openly criticized this new coinage. The fact that the PM addressed protesters equivalent to ‘parjeevi’ (parasites), made many people angry.


While there seems to be no near end to these protests, a major communication gap between the farmers and the government has fuelled the fire.

While the farmers have been denying from entering into any negotiations unless their demands are fulfilled, the government is also having major setbacks in terms of communication with the protestors.

Do you think that  FDI is a threat to the country? Or is it high time that the country gears up to resolve this and find a solution for the same? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

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