With the Avengers series finally reaching its final stages with Infinity Wars having been released in India and the next and final part of the 10 year-long series coming soon, comic books and superheroes are on everyone’s minds.

Even DC has started to bring out more content, and our very own Bollywood has not stayed behind in the trend by creating several superhero characters like Krrish, Flying Jatt, Ra.One, and such over the top and over righteous characters.

But it is extremely sad to see that while such useless characters are being created, the vast resource of our own Indian comic superheroes is gathering dust on the bookshelves.

It is not like we don’t have some pretty kickass comic superheroes around whom Bollywood can make movies on and not only give a kickstart to the comic industry, but also finally start the comic book franchise in the industry.

Here are some superheroes I’d want to see Bollywood make movies on:

1. Parmanu

A young boy Vinay was the sole witness to the murder of his classmate in high school that was committed by the Head of Police. In order to offer him protection, his uncle Professor K.K. Verma gave him a special suit that provided Vinay with superpowers.

The character of Parmanu, created by Raj Comics using this suit, is trying to avenge the victim and clear up the streets from corruption.

2. Devi

Devi, a character created by Virgin Comics and Shekar Kapur, tells the story of a normal woman Tara Mehta who finds out that she is the reincarnation of a 2nd-century warrior goddess Devi created by the gods to defeat the evil Lord Bala.

Having been protected by the Durapasya clan in her reincarnated state, she is soon lead on the path to be reborn as the Devi to finally put an end to Bala.

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3. Super Commando Dhruv

Dressed in his blue and yellow uniform, this character can fit into any of the international comic books easily.

The son of circus acrobats, Dhruv’s parents passed away when he was a young boy. He was then adopted by a police officer and worked on avenging his parent’s death.

Our desi batman, Dhruv too did not have any natural superpowers and instead was a self-made hero expert in martial arts, intelligence and more than that he used to defeat his opponents. And just like Iron Man, he does not use any alter ego to hide his superhero side behind. He even has an awesome and superhero sister who helps him in his missions called Chandika.

4.  Shakti

With an interesting origin story connected to religion, Shakti might be a popular character and perhaps the most visually appealing one what with her ability to generate fire from her hands and burn down those who anger her with her third eye on her forehead.

Shakti also has the most intriguing backstory with her finding out her husband killing her daughter in her womb and also trying to finish her off. The evilness of his actions and the injustice ultimately unleashes her anger and Goddess Kali transforms into her and kills her husband, thus delivering justice.

Shakti is also apparently one of the strongest characters in the Raj Comics universe.

Although there is a lot of updating and upgrading to be done to these characters in order to make them relatable to the current audience, this is just a simple way to show how Indian comic characters are not as lacking as we believe.

With a little bit of work on them, Indian film industry can bring back some iconic characters that were favourites of comic book readers before the introduction of Marvel and DC comics to the Indian readers.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, Wikipedia, Wikipedia (Devi comics) 

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