Pandemic has taught us the essence of savings and that sole reliance on salary isn’t much of a financial stability plan. Thousands of skilled professionals were rendered jobless and the state continues to deteriorate with time. It is a pressing matter to acquire such skills that are relevant in the present and will survive the test of time. Rohit Mehta is increasingly working in this direction to help spread the knowledge of financial stability and the art of building multiple income streams with his informative web portal, Digital Gabbar.

Rohit Mehta is a well-known personality in the digital marketing industry with a proven track record of success with various digital marketing campaigns. His efforts have helped many brands to eclipse their respective competition with the help of digital marketing strategies. Now, he is determined to help the youngsters who are seeking bankable career options to find their ground in digital marketing. With Digital Gabbar, every industry secret explored by Rohit Mehta is up for grabs without any demand for compensation. Digital Gabbar is free to serve information portal that teaches the caveats of digital marketing along with tried and tested methods of building an alternative revenue stream with ease. Digital Gabbar is favoured by many eager individuals who are exploring methods to increase their income while learning a skill or two.

Rohit Mehta explains the importance of having multiple revenue streams. He says, “In tumultuous times jobs are shrinking due to excessive financial crunch. I learned about this vulnerability a long time ago and since then have worked to build alternative and reliable revenue streams along with my digital marketing career. I practice what I preach and each information published on Digital Gabbar is a tried method explored in detail by me. Today, I have successfully established self-sufficient revenue streams that are slowly accruing capital and require minimal manual intervention.

Blogging was my first method to build an alternative revenue stream and I get the same excitement when my blogs and websites get monetized by Google Adsense. Blogging is just the tip of the iceberg. The internet is a goldmine of opportunities waiting for you to find them and mould them to your benefit. A prime example of digital marketing efficacy is a lot of YouTube channels who have successfully integrated their primary stream of income with affiliate marketing while collaboration with brands to stay afloat.”

While Digital Gabbar remains the top priority of Rohit Mehta, he has also launched his next start-up Indian Gabbar to provide digital exposure to budding entrepreneurs, creators and personalities who can benefit from being in the spotlight. Indian Gabbar is dedicated to individuals who have brought a change in their community and industry and works to build an efficient digital PR campaign for them. Indian Gabbar has featured many businesses personalities, actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs and is managed by Rohit Mehta along with a dexterous team of professional writers who help illustrate your story with befitting words.


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