Ongoing deliberations of shifting the affiliation of Sri Venkateswara College (Venky), from the University of Delhi (DU) to Andhra University (AU), has shocked the students and teachers of the college beyond their imaginations. 

The professors and students were neither informed nor consulted about this unfolding of events and only came to know about it via social media and news channels.

As a result of this, classes in Venky were cancelled on Thursday as a sign of protest which was followed by a dharna organised in the college from 10 am to 4 pm where teachers protested peacefully against the proposal.

Sri Venkateswara College students find the proposal very unfair and are now anxious since they feel their identity as DU alumni might be at stake. 

If our college’s affiliation changes, the move will clearly rob us of the very reason we took admission to the college — to be a part of the prestigious institution that is DU,” said Sameer Ahmed Siddiqui, a second-year student of BSc (Hons) from Sri Venkateswara College. 

Sharing a similar sentiment on the same, Divya Goyal, a first-year student of BCom (Hons), says, “Whenever I tell someone I am in Venky, I feel a sense of pride. But when I think things might change, it’s scary. Our batch might still be a part of DU, but think how immensely it will affect our placements!”

Venky Students Storm Twitter:

The students have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to oppose the proposal and bring attention to the issue. The students of Venky have planned to create ‘Twitter storms’ using hashtags like #Venky_belongs_to_DU and #VenkyIsDU.

Members of the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) have extended their support to the anxious ‘Venkians’ and have organised an online protest along with the presidents of the student unions of Miranda House, Sri Aurobindo College and Venky.

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Shubham Chaudhary, executive counsellor of DUSU said, “We are all flabbergasted at the sudden development and deliberation. We don’t know what will happen next but if the issue remains unsorted or if the affiliation changes, we will switch to a physical dharna from the online mode. Venky was always a part of DU and we can’t imagine it otherwise.”

The South Campus Won’t Be Same Without Venky

Students across various colleges have formed protest groups on social media and are circulating an appeal to raise their voice and take a stand regarding the affiliation shift.

The sudden uncertainty that has arisen due to the taciturn deliberation has put the future affiliation of the college into a state of chaos. It has garnered a distressing response from the faculty as well.

This move will probably dilute everything Venky stands for. After all, Venky has a history, name and present. Students come to the college because it’s a part of the University of Delhi, which is an elite institution, per se.

Being a student at the University of Delhi, at least I can’t imagine South Campus without Venky. It’ll be too big of a shock.

Freshers from Venky have been reaching out to other colleges and are in a state of confusion given their whole career is at stake because of a probable change in the affiliation of their college.

After all, how can a DU student of an age-old college suddenly become a student of a different university within a span of a few days?

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Times of India, Twitter

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