October 27: YOOGHEE, Uttar Pradesh, one of the leading dairy manufacturing company will be soon be introducing YOO GHEE dairy, the first-of-its-kind ghee that is available to the consumer without any hidden ingredient. If you have been using ghee in your household for ages, it is difficult to shift to any other option. Still, you can simply shift to a chemical-free alternative in various food commodities. YOOGHEE dairy will be getting fame in India for the same purpose. 

Thina Momin, Managing Director of YOOGHEE dairy, said, “Our ghee is purely organic and has been processed without the use of any chemicals to assure that consumer gets the essential nutrients of ghee without any concerns. Apart from the quality parameters, like flavor, texture, natural source, and aroma, we put ahead ghee’s nutrition and health advantages – like, boosting immunity, metabolism etc.” 

“We need to see categories that are health-oriented, and we are extremely conscious of the fact that we get reviewed from a health and wellness perspective. We desire to spread our reach into homes and enter parts where people will find it more relatable,” Momin says.

The ghee is manufactured practicing the traditional process, and the natural qualities of ghee are maintained even after packaging. This ghee is fit for almost everyone, irrespective of the diet plan. So, it is an excellent choice for every home also for fitness freaks. The mouth-watering aroma and rich taste of this ghee will satisfy your tastes in no time and will make you feel hungry. As ghee is rich in necessary nutrients, and it can simply use it for almost all cooking, frying and flavoring needs.



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