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Digital Yuan Surges 70% in a Day as Investors Look for New Opportunities Outside Stocks


Digital Yuan has surged almost 230% in January of 2021 after major institutional investors started moving a larger part of their assets towards lower market-cap securities.

Market data suggests that digital currencies enjoyed a tremendous start of the year, with digital assets appreciating across the board. One of the biggest reasons is institutional investors switching a large part of their portfolios to digital currencies.

The Yuan Pay Group’s research found that institutional investors now account for over 80% of Digital Yuan’s growth rally. Viewed as a safe and reliable digital currency, Digital Yuan has become an acceptable investment strategy for the world’s largest corporations, thus driving the price upwards.

It means that retail investors benefit from a new rally in Digital Yuan prices. Yuan Pay Group’s research confirms that retail investors are continuing to hold or purchase more of Digital Yuan without the intention of selling soon.

The S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and NASDAQ 100 are all higher on the day, up 1.42%, 0.71%, and 2.37%, respectively. The 10-year government bond has risen above the 1% mark, trading at $1.076 at writing.

Digital Yuan is the newest addition to the global digital currency portfolio. It’s the first currency of its kind that is fully backed and sponsored by a large nation, and investors bet on it skyrocketing.

Purchase and trading of Digital Yuan can only be performed via authorized brokers.

About Yuan Pay Group LLC

Yuan Pay Group is a leading crypto management and wallet organization. Yuan Pay Group was created in 2010, and since then, they’ve been working with banks and other organizations to legalize crypto trading in China and develop relations with external investors.

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