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Dhoni Ki No1 Yaari- A Realistic Take On Friendship Over The Years


Now let me start the article by saying that my interest in cricket is at best, mandatory of every Indian and at worst, something I just have to bear with.

But while scrolling through my Facebook page, a video shared by my friend caught my eye, with the hashtag #No1Yaari.

This video was the recently released called Dhoni Ki No1 Yaari, which is sort of a short film by MSD with his real life friends.

Yup, the reason why this video interested me was not because of Dhoni or cricket, but because it was actually filmed with his real friends and is a real life story, not a video with actors and a script.

This in turn would mean that the emotions and vibe between Dhoni and his friends would be real and not phony. Something that can only be cultivated over spending years with someone, going through life’s ups and downs with them.

Also, don’t know if it’s intentional, but either ways, pretty clever to release a such a personal and up close video of these three, so close to the premier of M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story his biography.

But enough chit chat, let us get on to my thoughts about the actual video itself.

In one word, the video was actually quite cute, in that, it was very simply made, with no frills and cuts to it or overly glamourized.


The video, to be honest, resonated with me much more strongly than I was expecting it to. Being at such a place myself where me and my friends are moving up are career ladders, time passes by swiftly, unlike before when we would literally meet every other day and before we realise it, it has been almost a few weeks or even a whole month in some cases, without us having met.

The acting by all three, have to be frank, was just adorable, it was extremely apparent that these are just ordinary people, who are not accustomed to being in front of the camera. But in my personal opinion that added that bit of reality that professional actors would have taken away.

Focusing on the main points of friendship and brotherhood, it gave a very simple message that, when it comes to friends or at least real friends then no matter where one is, or how much time passes, you never really lose that bond.

With that I sign off, and now I need to eat some Teedhe Meedhe( Hey! Don’t judge me, they are just amazeballs) or something salty after all that sweet and sappy things. Can’t handle too much sugar guys, just can’t.

So watch the video, and then if it gets you in too sweet of a mood, just send of some curse words to your friend with whom you haven’t talked in some time.

Oh oh, almost forgot, so there is also this contest, hosted by McDowells No1, wherein you and your friends can get the chance to actually meet MS Dhoni in real life. Check it our here:

This must be sort of like once in a lifetime opportunity for you cricket fans. You all can thank me later.

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