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Determination & Desire To Dream Big Helped Annie Luong To Reach Great Heights Of Success


A success story is incomplete without challenges and hardwork. Every person who has reached great heights in their career have faced rejections, setback and failures. Sometimes, the situation isn’t in favour of the person. That’s what the case was with Annie Luong.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Annie Luong is a Chinese refugee and from an immigrant family. During her childhood, she didn’t get to attend school quite early. Over the years, she hoped that she was at least be able to read.

Despite all the challenges, Annie never gave up. At the age of 17 and after 10 years of waiting,  she finally landed in America. She got herself a one-way ticket and got to America with only 300 to her name.

Despite not being a high school graduate, Annie Luong didn’t give up on the hope to learn new things. Without having enough money to pay for a private tutor to teach her English, she was able to master English only by a month of getting a Blockbuster unlimited pass and talked to anyone she encountered.

She also took some ESL classes and finally got into a community college. Since then, she has been only thinking about a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, she struggled to get a decent job due to the tail end recession. But she still didn’t give up but tried her best to live fully each day

Failure after failure, Annie believes the Universe/ God always has a plan for each person. Years after she couldn’t find the job she truly desired for herself, she decided to start something of her own. That’s when she ventured into entrepreneurship.

Today, with her determination, efforts and skills, the businesses are growing. Annie Luong firmly believes that the real game-changer for her was to finally be able to handle rejections, objections, disappointment and be self-aware!

Sometimes, we have to go out there and make some mistakes, get our heartbreak and grow as a person! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 

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