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Despite These Difficulties Obama Faced, He Was Definitely A People’s President


By Shreya Jha

As we bid goodbye to President Obama, we are left with a lot of reasons to feel sad about his departure. Never before we have had US president who had such a massive following in India.

Only if he could have been in India, we would have elected him for the third time.

President Barack Obama had an irresistible charm in him.

It was in the year 2008, we were introduced to the first ever black President of the United States of America. With his election, America witnessed the dawn of equality, the manner in which he was elected showed the advent indiscrimination.

We all were happy. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. had finally seen its light.

However America was at that time going through economic crisis. There was massive unemployment and breakdown of economic machinery and he was elected with the faith and promise to restore them. He fulfilled this promise by restoring employment and jobs. His policies were friendly towards those who had served their sentence in prisons and longed to work and adjust in the normal environment.

It was during his time that the long and fruitless US Combat mission in Iraq was brought to an end.

Terrorism across the world went through a huge setback after the US under his directions killed the leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. This was a huge blow for almost all terrorist organizations in the world.

The most important step was taken towards Cuba after Obama restored friendly ties with people of Cuba and ended 100 years of hatred and non-violence between the two nations.

Obama maintained excellent rapport with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both of them were seen to discuss issues in length over a cup of tea on President’s visit to India. He also became the first US president to visit India twice during his President ship. During his reign, India and US developed and strengthened bonds of cooperation which aimed towards growth of both the nations. There was excellent bilateral exchange as Modi saw huge support for himself and for India in the United States during president Obama’s tenure.


On a personal front he always exuded the understanding of problems of a common man who strives to earn bread and butter. Coming from a modest background himself, he maintained empathy for the unprivileged and victims of war crimes and apartheid.


He also shared excellent camaraderie with children and together with the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) they worked towards numerous initiatives to strengthen education of girl child. The First Lady Michelle Obama, continues to spread the awareness and importance of education among children and young adults.


However it was not an altogether smooth ride for the President because United States saw a rise in gun violence and a number of lives were lost due to poor laws.

There were strained relationships of the United States with Russia throughout President Obama’s tenure.

Despite these difficulties Obama set standards for the next President of United states. We can never help ourselves comparing President elect Trump with President Obama and give ourselves enough reasons to lament why he is not there anymore.

The awwww moments which were often a part of family photographs of the Obama family or that of their dogs Bo and Sunny, President Obama was for us, the ideal dad, ideal husband and an ideal man.

As we gear ourselves for the final adieu all I would like to add is, I will miss you President Obama, very, very much.

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