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Delhi University 2015: Let The Fests Begin



People who think that Delhi University is only known for its education are wrong. Delhi University is not only known for its reputed class but also for its prosperous events or Fests.


End of winters often welcomes the festive season at the University. The fest season has begun. The competition gets heated up with colleges trying to outperform each other by introducing new events and activities, attracting the best of artists and bands and offering high cash prizes to the winners of various events. With the implied prestige and pride that every student carries, the various colleges are a part of a certain cultural tradition.


Each college plays host to endless events and exciting activities, different themes, soaring budgets and increasing projected movements.


With many students pouring in, some of the most popular festivals at the University are organised by: Hindu College (Mecca), SRCC (Crossroads), LSR (Tarang), Sri Venkateswara College (Nexus), Miranda House (Tempest) and Kirori Mal (Renaissance).  


Although Tarang took place last month, let’s have a look at some of the Fests currently happening, about to happen:


Renaissance, Kirori Mal College: 23rd to 25th February 

Renaissance is known to attract huge crowds every year.  The festival is always met with a positive and energetic response.  The fest is scheduled to be held from February 23-25. Renaissance 2015 has a long list of events lined up. KMC’S fest is known for being one of the best in North Campus. It has a huge turnout, no restricted entry and amazing performances. Last year, Renaissance saw the likes of Mika Singh and internationally acclaimed rock band Parikrama performing in the festival. Interestingly, Parikrama formed in Kirori Mal College only!

Highlights: Ankit Tiwary, Parikrama Band



Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College: 23rd to 24th February

Organized by the students union, the fest at Sri Venkateswara college is a remarkable event.  Nexus is host to some of the most fun-filled and unique activities. Besides this, a number of internationally as well as nationally acclaimed artists flock up to make the fest memorable. Amongst the best organised, the fest witnesses activities like karaoke, Western solo and duet singing competitions, general quiz, debating, creativewriting etc.

Highlights: Mohit Chauhan, The RAETH band, Nizam Bandhu




Mecca, Hindu College: 25th to 28th February  

The annual festival of Hindu college is a big event organised by the student body of the college. With its unique name and amazing student participation the fest is growing bigger and fulgent with every coming year. Several activities like literary events, fashion shows, musical events ranging from classical to rock, dance events, street plays, theatre events and many more take place at this exceptional fest.

Highlights: Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Akhtar, Vishal Shekhar, Kamal Khan.



Tempest, Miranda House: 27th February

Miranda House manages to rock the campus every year with its annual fest. Enthralling and exciting as it is, it involves activities like street play, group songs, choir competitions etc.  The festival also features performance from upcoming popular artists providing an change from mainstream musical performances. The likes of Jester, Groove Adda, Faridkot, etc. up the musical quotient as other interesting activities and competitions allow crowds to have a gala time.

Highlights: Sanam, Rock band



Crossroads, Shri Ram College of Commerce: 28th February to 3rd March

SRCC’s annual cultural-cum-management event acts like a magnet attracting a storm of students to participate and audience from top notch educational institutions across the country. Usually a three day event, it includes activities like street plays, various social entrepreneurship competitions, gaming, business quiz and apart from nerdy events it has music and fashion shows, war of DJs among other exciting things. Other activities include Trampoline Volleyball, Body Zorbing etc. as organized by the Travellers society of SRCC. The food court savours several stalls like “purani dilli ke mashoor cholle bhature”, QD’s and Brown Sugar among others.

Highlights: Atif Aslam, Akcent




Be sure to arrange passes and entry tickets or else you’ll surely be left out, and trust me, this is not something you want to miss!


By Nikhil Gautam



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