The death of veteran Bollywood actor and producer Satish Kaushik was quite a shock to many. Further considering how he was seen celebrating and making merry with Holi celebrations just a day or two before his untimely demise.

While the film industry mourned him and took a look back at Kaushik’s achievements and work, there was another twist brewing in the background. It finally unveiled itself when a Delhi businessman’s second wife came out with allegations that her husband was the one behind Satish Kaushik’s death.

This is the same businessman whose farmhouse Kaushik had been seen attending a Holi party at shortly before he complained of experiencing uneasiness and was rushed to the hospital, but he passed away on the way.

What Did Sanvi Mallu Say?

Saanvi Malu is the second wife of Kuber Group Director Vikas Malu and owner of the farmhouse at which the party was held where Kaushik was last seen alive.

As per the Delhi Police “In actor Satish Kaushik’s death case, an inquiry has been initiated into allegations of foul play levelled by a woman (wife of one Vikas Malu). An inspector-level officer from the South West district has been asked to probe the entire matter. The woman will be called by police to record her statement.”

As per reports she told the media that “I have got a complaint registered in connection with Satish Ji’s death. He had come to my husband’s farmhouse for a party, where his health deteriorated. Some objectionable medicines have also been found from the farmhouse.”

Claiming that her husband and Satish Kaushik had business ties she reportedly said “Satish Ji and my husband had business connections as well. In August 2022, an argument broke out between Satish Ji and my husband, where Satish ji demanded Rs 15 crores that he had earlier given to him. But, my husband said that he will give the money in India.”

“When I later asked from him about the money, my husband said that he borrowed the money from Satish ji, but the money went for loss during the Covid period. My husband was not in the mood to return the money, he even said that he will use blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish Kaushik. That’s why I have brought this angle to the police for fair investigation”.

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Saanvi Malu apparently wrote a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner alleging that her husband was involved in the death of the actor and that she suspected that Malu could have poisoned Kaushik as the actor had given him a loan of Rs. 15 crores and the former wanted to out of returning that money.

In her complaint, she supposedly wrote that “I was present in the drawing room where both Kaushik and my husband got involved in an argument… My husband promised Kaushik that he would repay the money soon. When I asked my husband, he claimed that he lost Kaushik’s money during the COVID-19 pandemic. My husband also said that he was planning to get rid of Kaushik.”

The Delhi Police started an inquiry into the allegations and Saanvi actually missed the first summons for questioning in regard to this case. She was first called for questioning at 11 am, Monday that was 13th March, but she skipped those eventually appearing for the second summons for 14th March 2023.

She was questioned for around 3 hours that day and according to reports stated that she had handed over whatever evidence she had in a sealed envelope to the police.

What Did Vikas Malu Say?

Vikas Malu for his part first posted an unseen video of the late Satish Kaushik dancing at his recent Holi celebration with the caption “Satish Ji has been my family for the past 30 years and it did not take minutes for the world to use my name in the wrong light.

I can’t fathom the tragedy that happened after our beautiful celebration together. Id like to break the silence and say that a tragedy is always unforeseen and no one has any power over it. With this I’d like to request the members of the media to respect everyones sentiments. Satish Ji will always be missed at all our celebrations coming forth.”

Post this, Malu has also spoken to a lot of media denying and rubbing the claims made by his estranged wife. As per ANI, he was quoted saying “If she (Saanvi Malu) wants to do some hype in front of the media, I can do nothing about it. The police and government are there and if I’m wrong, then I’m ready to face anything. Her allegations are wrong or else she should show proof.”

He also stated that “I had only family relations with Satish Kaushik, I was not involved with him in any business. And those who’re making these claims must prove it.”

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