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DeFiXy Protocol Announces Its Product Offerings


 San Francisco, CA, USAThe growth of the blockchain industry seems not to slow down anytime soon. The blockchain technology has enabled both individuals and institutions to create different decentralized projects with the intention of making life more meaningful to the human race. However, due to some complexities and inherent challenges, the unbanked members of the public are completely shut out from enjoying the benefits of blockchain solutions.

In light of the above, the team behind DeFiXy Protocol is pleased to announce its product offering geared towards the unbanked members of the public to empower them and onboard them to take advantage of blockchain technologies or solutions. The mission of the team is to successfully onboard underserved or unbanked crypto communities with ease so that they can take a step further into the future.

What You Will Get With DeFiXy Protocol?

DeFiXy Protocol has exciting features that crypto users and newcomers will find pleasing. Some of the features are P2P Marketplace, where crypto enthusiasts can trade different cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. Users can set up mini-markets to give inexperienced ones a legwork.

Other features are lending and borrowing, where users can take loans with competitive interest rates to implement their private projects. The interest rate depends on the users’ collateral blend ratio. Lastly, DeFiXy Protocol offers debit card integration, where you can spend your cryptocurrencies directly to buy goods or pay for services.

Once the project has been launched, tokens would be available for purchase on exchanges. About 4 million tokens would be released initially for stakers to invest.

About DeFiXy Protocol

DeFiXy Protocol is a blockchain-powered Amazon-like platform for everyday crypto-asset users and newcomers. The goal of the project is to empower the unbanked members of the public by bridging the gap between the crypto space and the fiat-driven economy.

DeFiXy Protocol promises to be rewarding, as their P2P marketplace would allow users with reputation and collateral to set up their own mini marketplace where they serve the less experienced users. In addition, all the features of the project are highly decentralized to enable users to enjoy top-notch payment services.

DeFiXy Features:

  1. P2P market place (exchange): Where individuals can trade crypto-assets in a decentralized manner. The main feature of the P2P market-place are as follows:

– The ability of users to create trades or setup barter between any pair of whitelisted asset, even between assets that defer in blockchain and also between a whitelisted asset and any of the supported fiats.

– Individuals with staked assets can create mini-kiosk within the platform, offer customized products and services to other users. Such kiosk owners enjoy a share of the transaction fees accumulated on the platform among other benefits.

  1. Staking 2.0: The staking feature offered by DeFiXy protocol provide users with different reward thresholds, these thresholds are functions of two variable, the lockup duration τ measured in days and the dynamic demand-supply (δd δs (t)) factor of the asset staked.

The protocol also offers lockup buyout. With this, an individual who initially staked his/her

Assets for a duration (say 30 days lockup) can unstake prematurely but the action incurs a lockup buyout fee.

  1. DeFi services: DeFiXy protocol offers DeFi services such as lending and borrowing. Users can take out collaterized loans with competitive interest rates. The rates for borrowers and lenders are determined by the users collateral blend ratio (βr).

Since the loans offered do not have maturity period, there are no late payments but the borrower can setup a periodic payment that are deducted automatically in any of the supported assets or fiats as specified by the borrower.

Similarly, a lender can lend asset on a flex period lending mode or on a fixed period lending mode. With the latter offering a better interest rate.

  1. Debit Card Integration: After meeting the regulatory requirement of target regions,

2 DeFiXy protocol will integrate card payment solutions which will allow users to directly spend crypto assets.

DeFiXy protocol will implement all the said features with the average individual with little to no blockchain understanding in mind. The platform will integrate user interface that are highly user-friendly. Individuals will be able to interact with the platform in a smooth and seamless manner, even those that are new to the space.

Important Notes:

ICO: There was no ICO, and there will be no ICO. Also no early investor that can dump on the


How to purchase: The tokens will be available for purchase on exchanges after the platform release in 5 to 6 weeks’ time.

Supply will be limited to about 4 million at launch. While stakers can get up to 50% staking rewards, no definite lockup required, longer the staking is for, the higher the rewards rate (dynamic rewards).

Circulating supply will remain 4,000,000 + claimed rewards by holders until main features are

Integrated, this include DeFi (lending and borrowing) and decentralized P2P market-place.

Further information at: https://defixy.com/

Support Contact: support@defixy.com

Media contacts 

Company: Defixy Ltd.

Contact: Shola O

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeFiXy_Protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/defixy

Medium: https://medium.com/@DeFiXy/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MTkJVXm

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