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Why Is It Hard To Find Fashion Products On Amazon?


You open your closet one day to realize you might be out of fashion. It’s been some time since you’ve bought any new clothes. However, it’s challenging to find open clothing stores with the state of the world. It’s not advised to go out shopping right now anyway with everything going on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for trendy clothes.

Why limit yourself from online shopping? There are plenty of options for shopping for clothes online. You just need to look in the right places. Unfortunately, about 92% of online shopping consumers go directly to Amazon when they decide to go shopping online. That means these consumers either don’t know they have options or they’re afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying something unfamiliar.

It’s no surprise people go to Amazon for apparel. Amazon is trying to be the biggest online retailer for clothing. However, while Amazon does have a large selection of clothing, they’re hardly trendy or latest in fashion. It’s sad that Amazon’s loyalty program, Amazon Prime, makes people believe they only have one option when shopping for apparel and other stuffs. Adults between the ages of 18 and 34 end up settling for Amazon clothing because of Amazon Prime. In fact, that age demographic accounted for almost 17% of Amazon’s clothing sales. Others just don’t know there are better options on the internet to buy trendy and fashionable clothes.

If anyone were to tell you that you could easily find trendy clothes on Amazon, they obviously don’t know what “trendy” is. Amazon’s clothes are very basic. They have a lot of in-house brands that can’t be considered as designer. Amazon is even trying to make up for their lack of style with their new Prime Wardrobe program that allows you to try clothes before you purchase them, but in today’s socially conscious world, is this really a good idea?

What’s worse with Amazon’s clothing selection is, you might specifically search for something you want by narrowing your search, but they’re still going to push sponsored clothing on you. Not only do they promote sponsored products, but they also display some of the more popular products they end up taking half the page and making it hard to find something you’ll actually like.

The problem is, 92% of consumers go directly to Amazon because it’s a force of habit. They have made the mental link that online shopping means Amazon. However, 6% of online shopping even believe Amazon has fashionable clothing or brands. Imagine such a large gap of people who go shopping at a place because they think it’s their only option and still has a 6% satisfaction rating when it comes to actually thinking the product is at all fashionable. Even though Amazon has dominated the online retail market, it struggles to sell fashion products. Even with Prime Wardrobe, no reputable designer of trendy clothes wants to make their products widely available on Amazon.

Or it is hard to find such products on it. Amazon is known for pushing out fast products, but they’re hardly high end or trendy. People just enjoy the convenience of wearing anything worth wearing.

It’s also annoying trying to search for clothes on Amazon only to have other products thrown in our faces. Just typing “clothes” into the Amazon search bar shows half a page worth of sponsored steam irons, cloth diapers, a movie, a book, and a Batman action figure. Who needs any of this when your sole purpose of searching for clothes was to find clothes. Even searching “shirts” to try to narrow down the search brought up some subscription boxes that had nothing to do with clothes mixed in among a sea of basic clothing. There was no semblance of fashion at all. Of course, Amazon needs to do this because they’re trying to be like an online store. If you walk into a regular store that sells many different items, you have to walk by non-clothing before you get to the clothing. If you want to have an authentic online apparel shopping experience that doesn’t try to push other products in your face, then it’s time to try Top Of Style.

What Is Top Of Style?

When you go to the Top of Style website, what is the first thing you see? Yes, there is a search box where you can easily filter the products you’re looking for from women to men and boys to girls. If you type in “Dress” with women selected, the first thing you see is a page full of Dresses. There’s nothing else there but what you’re looking for. The best part is that you can see some clothing items with multiple retailers you can choose from. Some are Amazon, but you’ll see many other retailers there like Target, Walmart, or Shein. It’s a carefully curated list that shows some of the best trending products on the internet. There is no need to sift through Amazon’s essential clothing products when Top of Style works with some of the best fashion experts in the industry. It’s simple, easy to use, and shows thousands of different products without shoving Amazon-branded or sponsored products in your face. Best of all, you’re saving money by seeing all the price options available to you. The next time you want to go shopping online for clothes, you can skip Amazon and go directly to Top of Style to ensure you’re getting the best trends and styles the internet has to offer.

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