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Debunking Taboos That Consider Sex Education “Paap” In India


By Anuriti Sarkar

We take pride in our rich tradition and culture and also feel proud of the fact that we are highly educated (as we like to call ourselves). Inspite of constantly aping the western culture and their lifestyle, we have remained narrow minded.

Our mind is bogged down by narrow customs and taboos. Our education just lies in our degrees as we still uphold all the taboos and restrictions imposed on us. Anything remotely related to sex is the basis of all such taboos!

And these taboos are the reason why there is a dire need for sex education in India.

Here’s a list of taboos around sex education that prevail in India:

Encourage them to experiment.

Sex education can’t be included in the school curriculum. Why? Oh well, because it will encourage the kids to experiment it. They will go and try it on their own and it will destroy the family name, they will be scarred for life.

So you think explaining and teaching them about sex will make them experiment it? Are you kidding me? It’s human tendency that a person will only experiment something when they are curious to know about it, not when they already know it.

It not only educates you about sex, but also about your sexual health and hygiene. There are many diseases caused sexually, children need to learn about this before they go on and experiment on their own.

Abstinence is moral.

The only moral thing to do is abstinence from sex. Indulging in any sort of sexual activities is immoral and will be going against your values. We came into this planet because of sex! So this means that everyone in this world who have given birth are immoral?

Believing this myth not only portrays negativity towards sex but also makes people who are involved with this feel low and useless. Being sexually active doesn’t make you devalued, you’re not committing a sin. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You can’t have safe sex.

Safe sex doesn’t exist. Everything and anything done sexually can get you pregnant. If these narrow minded people were given a chance, they could make you believe that even holding hands could get you pregnant.

People should be made aware that there are a lot of ways to have safe sex. Condoms do work, atleast 97% of the time as they write on the boxes. And there are various other ways of contraception too, whether you want to prevent STDs or other sexually acquired diseases or being pregnant.

Useless to talk about sex at this age!

Children at this age do not need sex education as they won’t be having sex now. They will learn it eventually when they grow up and reach the age of marriage. It is useless to talk about it right now.

While they are growing up, who exactly is going to teach them about this? The knowledge isn’t going to fly and enter into their brains all of a sudden, they need to be educated about this. Instead of acquiring misleading knowledge from the internet, it’s better to have a simple conversation on this which is accurate.

Contraceptives, prevent diseases or growth?

Sex education is taught only to decrease population growth. So that people can use contraceptives and prevent the risks of being pregnant.

Uhh.. not exactly. It is taught to impart knowledge about your own body, not to prevent the increasing number of children in a typical Indian family. As a child becomes a teenager they experience a lot of changes in their bodies, they need to be explained about these.

They need to know what is happening to them and why. Contraceptives are used to prevent diseases, not to decrease the population.

Feeling uncomfortable while talking about sex.

Neither the parents nor the teachers feel comfortable to talk on this topic. They fear this might give rise to strong uncontrollable urges to the child and they will gather other knowledge from wrong sources.

What an irony! It is this taboo which leads the soft vulnerable innocent minds to gather information from wrong sources. Their curious minds lap up the misconceptions which in turn open a trap for them.

Talking about sex isn’t uncomfortable, it is a life process and you need to understand it properly. This won’t lead the child to get other information, instead it’ll make them aware about their body and they will know what is right and what is wrong.

Sex Education is not a ‘paap’ neither is sex, whether you have it for continuing your legacy or just for your pleasure, it’s completely you’re choice.

But to be aware about your sexual organs and its functions is a must, which can be taught only by including sex education in the curriculum!

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