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No Human Picks You For A Date? You Should Definitely Try Dating These Ghosts


By Dashmeet Kaur

Come February and there’s a whole new fizz about how stirring this entire month shall be, mostly THE 14th since that’s the only day in the entire year to shower with your love, I mean, shower your love (excuse the cockiness).

Enough with the valentine-schmalentine saga, amigos! I’m here to take you on a peaky safari that will NEVER make you feel secluded, predominantly when you want to get all cuddly with your far-fetched shona-mona-or-pakoda. No, don’t thank me yet.

1. Waverly Hills Sanitorium – Kentucky, United States

This is basically a building built with ordinary bricks and cement (yeah, nothing to worry about) that served as a tuberculosis hospital throughout the early to mid 20th Century. It’s believed that as many as 63,000 patients died there. This place has featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters (TAPS), and our very own Most Haunted. TAPS seems to have captured a figure, it’s not a model lads, on their thermal imaging camera that seemed to be walking across the hall. About 3ft tall, the figure was later found out to be a ghost of a young boy named Tim who has been spotted there before (Any takers, single ladies?). There are also ‘flying’ reports, including, full bodied apparitions, ephemeral shadows, screams from empty rooms, sudden cold spots and disembodied voices among many others.


2. The Tower of London- London, England

 From what I can gather from my younger years, London and it’s bridge has been in our rhymes along with the child-like actions associated while narrating the same. What many people do not know is about the Tower of London, which is regarded by many as one of the most BOO-I’M-SCARED-FOR-REAL places in the UK. There have been instances of paranormal (why is ‘normal’ placed in the word?) activities but the most famous one is of, all the spirits that live within its walls , Anne Boleyn who strolls with her headless body. What a life of the dead!


3. Babenhausen Barracks- Hesse, Germany

Now a gigantic museum but the ghosts of World War II German soldiers have been seen levitating. Not really, just ignore the last word (It was just to freak you out a little more). There’s a lot going on in this place. Lights are known to turn on and off by themselves *some sorcery* and voices are heard in the basement. German commands are often heard being shouted out in the middle of the night, and the impalpable footsteps are a common experience. Soldiers who have visited this museum and picked up a telephone have reported hearing a woman talking backwards, it isn’t clear whether it’s in English or German; maybe she really just wants to spend some quality time, aye?


4. Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Keen to know the most hair-raising recipe for a haunted location? Edinburgh Castle is where you must reach out to people! Travellers and staff of this now tourist destination have experienced things that would give serious competition to all the Ram Gopal Varma’s movies, combined. The feeling of being touched and pulled being the most common one. There’s a detailed outlook about the spirits that have been witnessed- An old man wearing an apron, a headless drummer boy (what’s with the weak-headedness?), and a piper who mysteriously lost his life after getting lost in the tunnels below the castle.

The Edinburgh Castle

5. Akershus Fortress- Oslo, Norway

Feeling isolated and in need of entertaining company? This fortress/castle cannot be given amiss neither this way ‘nor’ that ‘way’. *Being pun-tastic* It has some legendary tales to tell for example, the demon dog named Malcanisen  that’s said to guard the gates of the castle; and if anyone approached then one would have a horrible death sometime in the following  few months. Also, the ghost of a woman named Mantelgeisten is often seen walking back towards her chamber. She leaps out of darkness wearing a long robe, and has…no..facial…features.

The Akershus Fortress

Those were some bomb people that will try to wither your loneliness for a substantial time frame. Such queasy encounters makes one believe that you’re not alone on this planet.

Keep feeling loved!

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