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10 Crazy Inventions That Will Make You Say “WTH”


By Kabir Chaudhary

Some scientists and inventors thought out of the box and started experimenting. The result was the invention of some of the most futile and crazy products a person could ever build.

Here is a list of top ten crazy inventions by them.

Ear Amplifier

Doesn’t it look like the hearing aid your grandmother asked you to wear, which she got for Christmas? It is nothing of that sort. Apparently, it is a device made by a scientist in Japan, which enhances the listening capability of the person wearing it. It is an alternative to the hearing aid. Unused utensils put to good use.

Sleeping Tripod


Feeling sleepy in a metro or a bus stop, simply take it out of your pocket and stretch it. Now you can put your head on it and relax.

Portable Toilet Paper


A mobile toilet paper dispenser. ‘It is easy to use’. Part of a Halloween costume or a hat with longest tissue paper ever, you decide.



Designed by Akira Mabuchi. This plastic character is used as a timer for your instant noodles. It automatically changes color and drops after your noodle is cooked.

Book-shaped Pillow


This Book-shaped pillow looks like a 4-inch thick encyclopedia when closed but when it is opened you’ll see it is actually a nice soft foam for all those studiou students who need a quick nap. It’s USP- ‘Deception of the lifetime.’

Square Watermelon


The consumers were tired of their watermelon rolling over every time, so a scientist genetically modified it and made it square. These are expensive, costing about 200-300 Indian rupees each.

# Square Is The New Oval.

Urinal stool


This toiletry product is a must have for all those lazy bumps or sleepy heads who don’t want to stand while taking a piss. If you know anyone like them, gift it to them. It will make them happy (notice the guy in the image, see how happy he is).

Roller Heels


They are designed for the women who are always on the go. Its wheels help you move in any direction, back, front, left, or right. They don’t have any breaks, so before you buy the roller heels, do take it for a test drive.

Baby Mop


Tired of cleaning your home and washing your baby’s clothes because he keeps on crawling on the floor and dirties it. The Baby mop is here for the rescue. Now let your precious child play and crawl all he wants and while he is at it, your house gets clean in the process.

Cutlery Pens


This is the craziest invention of the decade. These pens have different cutlery like spoons, forks, etc. as their caps. They inventor has taken the idiom “Kill Two Birds With One Stone” quite literally while designing this product. You can eat your food as well as write with it. Deserves ‘Jugadu Of The Year award’.

If you own these things you are one of a kind and we salute you, my friend.

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