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Daniel Radcliffe casts a new spell: RAP

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has a reputation of hosting episodes which remain in the minds of the people. The late night show is known for the fact that the clips are so entertaining that the YouTube shares prove that they have a really long life after the initial broadcast.  And adding to the list of such classy clips is the Daniel Radcliffe Rap.


Daniel Radcliffe


Harry Potter is clearly on a winning spree, being regarded as the Actual King of Everything by a media house; his rapping skills yet again make him the person he is. Casually talking about his love for music and rap with Jimmy Fallon and discussing his ’disease’ to memorize fast, lyrically complex rap songs; within seconds the famous actor was handed the mike. Jimmy Fallon took out the mike from back of the chair in his signature style and Daniel was more than ready to oblige.


Next we find him matching his lyrics with ‘The Roots’ band and little do we all expect; it was a night which no one can afford to miss. Radcliffe performed the ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious; known for its trickiest, fastest songs. And one is sure to be dumbstruck by this spell of the wizard. He was way better than the best you can imagine him to be.  As the alphabets’ followed, so did the tempo increase and in sink were Daniel’s lyrics and his visible love for rap. The first few lines of the rap are;

Artificial amateurs, aren’t at all amazing
Analytically, I assault, animate things
Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat
Buildings are broken, basically I’m bombarding
Casually create catastrophes, casualties
Cancelling cats, got their canopies collapsing

The above couplets are just the ABC’s, moving to XYZ, and it gets tougher and tougher. And for those breathless 2 minutes, not once did Daniel go haywire. It is nothing less than an exercise as suggested by the name of the rap-‘Alphabet Aerobics’. The sudden performance and challenge acceptance was really nice on his part. The audience also appreciated his act by a well-deserved standing ovation.  The actor has surely carved his own mark in Hollywood and with this episode, his latest film ‘Horns’ has got the much required marketing as well. Even earlier he has indulged himself in showcasing of his so great other talents on the spot. One of those impromptu acts being, a singing performance in front of Rihanna and Colin Farrell a few years back.

Not to forget Jimmy Fallon; it’s impossible to not notice him in the video. His excitement is fully visible with the way he dances. With him displaying every alphabet as the song proceeded and moving his head with the beats, you are sure to love him as well. After this video, the fans of both Daniel Radcliffe and The Tonight Show are going to rise by bounds, with surety. And we just wait for yet another googly by the wizard himself, HP alias Radcliffe. Do not forget to notice the expressions of Rad.

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