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COVID-19 Nurse Receives 25th Birthday Surprise from RedrumSociety



RedrumSociety attempts to give back for the COVID-19 relief work done by a nurse on her 25th birthday celebration! RedrumSociety surprised her during a Zoom performance they hosted a few days by performing one of her favourite songs “Ego” and “How I Cope.”

After her long hours of work at the hospital she honestly enjoyed the Zoom performance. With so much going on with COVID-19, this was relaxing and soothing for her. She got to “sit back and put her feet” she said while vibing out to RedrumSociety’s new EP.

The biggest surprise was that RedrumSociety donated all the proceeds and profits they made from the online show to the nurse working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zach believes “it’s the least I can do and I wanted to help, we are all in this together.” He says he jokes around a lot and is very sarcastic but he actually cares and that is why he decided to do the Zoom show. “The world is going through a change and I would like to use my talent to make a difference. It’s not hard to get on Zoom for a cause to help people” he said.

Not many artists usually do free shows let alone anything free but RedrumSociety did it for its community to put smiles on peoples faces! It’s bigger than music; it is about making an impact for the band! With Zach carrying the lead of the band, he is taking the time during COVID-19 to connect with fans more, creating new music, sharpening his singing, and guitar skills. He is working on his craft so when this COVID-19 situation is over he will be able to tour again and give the people what they want! The band is grateful they were able to make this happen for the nurse who is putting her life in danger everyday to make sure patients get the proper care.

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