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Clawing His Way To Success, Todd Stephenson, The Entrepreneur Who Designs Socks For Pet’s Care


The never give up spirit of the co-founder of PupSocks, Todd Stephenson, is an inspiration to be savoured.


Todd Stephenson and his business partner were running a chain of bakeries around Florida when he realized how important the e-commerce space is and an idea to design socks for animals hit him. Todd Stephenson is the co-founder of PupSocks – an online company that designs pets’ faces on the socks so as to provide them enhanced comfort. Born in 1994, Todd hails from Naples, Florida. Todd believes in the value of freedom and the value of controlling one’s own life. He didn’t want to be handcuffed to a typical 9 to 5 job and hence decided to take matters in his own hand and establish himself as an entrepreneur.

After the bakery business, Todd and his partner started an e-commerce business where they started selling anything from a 6-foot teddy bear to camping accessories before realizing the potential of the customer product industry and ventured into designing socks. Todd’s PupSocks, located in Atlanta, Georgia tasted instant success with the catchy name of the company working to his advantage. Todd and his partner raised funds by themselves, by optimally using the resources.

Todd Stephenson built a great customer base owing to his fantastic rapport with his consumers and being ever ready to help them at any given point of time. Todd realized that if you’ll be available for your customer, the customer will always be available for you.

Todd’s PupSocks have collaborated with two organizations – ‘Ahimsa House’ and ‘Humane Society’ to save animals from domestic abuse and provide them with proper veterinary facilities. Today, PupSocks has grown to over 200 designers, production enthusiasts and customer service representatives. The founders of the company are passionately taking care of estranged animals throughout the country and providing them shelter homes by contributing to the above said organizations. Todd has always advocated creating or building since his childhood and loved to achieve what was at first, deemed impossible by the people.

Todd’s success mantra is bouncing off ideas with his partner via brainstorming sessions. Todd also suggests some tips to young up and comers by encouraging them to never lose hope of what one has set sights on. Todd’s success can be attributed to his never give up attitude and despite some failures; he has always looked in the face of adversity and has shown a positive attitude to get back up and conquer it.

Todd Stephenson has achieved success with keeping in mind the need of animal welfare in the country.

Follow Todd Stephenson on Instagram @Sockpapi

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