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Christian Núñez – the Latin revelation of 2020


Christian is a 30-year-old Peruvian businessman, Civil engineer by profession, he decided to start digital entrepreneurship because he saw that the world was taking another course. His parents taught him from a young age that his life should not depend on a job and they also set an example of being good investors in real estate.

“You have to understand where the ball of the economy is going. Today having an income from home is not an alternative, it is a necessity “says Christian Núñez

With 7 years of experience in Network Marketing, the expansion of the world’s first hybrid e-commerce began in December 2019. In 2020 the numbers of this industry grew due to the situation and the trend of online shopping. 

Today Christian is one of the great revelations in the world of entrepreneurship. Business for Home magazine interviewed him and recognized him among the 100 highest earners in the industry. He built an organization with more than 15,000 ambassadors in just one year and it is characterized by the ease of being able to build people, help them achieve their greatest goals, help them believe in themselves and in their capacity. 

“The community that we are forming around the world (NEXTLEVEL), is focused on giving people the opportunity to generate income from home, regardless of their degree of knowledge about e-commerce or digital entrepreneurship, various tools that make it easy for companies to people undertake in a guided way. This pandemic brought us many years ahead and made it clear to us that having a business from home is a necessity.” 

In his years of experience, Christian has trained around the entire Hispanic market, with a view to expanding his business in African markets, Asia and all of Europe in 2021. 

Great proposals for economic growth and development in the digital world await us this year. learn more about Christian on his various channels.


Business for Home Article 


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