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Cho Hui Chin – an Exemplary Lady Whose Artwork Speaks Louder than Words and Her Success Spellbound a Growth Mindset


London, UK – Humans have a natural tendency to seek growth and success in life, but how many are ready to pay for what it takes to be successful? Success isn’t a straight road but a path full of barriers with very few possibilities and choices that one makes to reach its goal. Sometimes these choices turn in favor of us; other times, they turn against us, and in both cases, the responsibility is entirely in person. What makes a successful person stand out in the crowd? It’s the self-discipline that is an x-factor in such personalities. It’s said the best discipline is self-discipline when no one is watching. We got an opportunity to closely see a tete-a-tete with Cho Hui Chin, a woman who is an inspiration to many millennials, and her audience includes all generations. Her journey truly inspires many, and her eye-catching artwork speaks her mind, which is as beautiful as she is as a person.

At a very tender age, she started painting, and with time, she grew up facing some severe medical challenges that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for art. Life is a bit challenging for introverts because of their shy nature, but their strength lies in their creative piece of artwork. The same goes for Cho Hui Chin, whose innovation is a means of communication that connects her to her audience as an inspiration for many introverts to bring the best in them. But what inspired her is her head-on battle with death; such incidents change the perception of a person entirely, generate negative thoughts, and raises curiosity about life. In opposite, Cho, rather than following a victim mentality, shook hands with the growth mindset and proved that everything that occurs in life is a consequence of fixed or growth mindsets.

Cho Hui Chin’s artwork is an emotional expression of her rational and sensible balance of mind. Her artwork’s colors are lovely, with some topsy turvy twist that speaks her concern about the issues of violence creatively. She ranked first-class honors on the dean list in bachelor of fine art from Slade School of Fine Art (2014-2018). She has an unparalleled interest in vintage or classic era materials. She uses her creativity in innovating artwork through the lens of her vivid imagination.

Success in a person’s life is immensely affected by the type of mindset each person carries. Openness to the changes in life, continuous efforts, sense of achievement, and relationship with oneself are factors that affect a person’s success and failures. Cho Hui Chin is a perfect icon for all those who lack motivation for succeeding in life because of countless hurdles. She proves that with the right kind of mindset and passion towards reaching the goal, everyone can achieve their dreams. Rather than fulminating fate, pick up the determination to have a winning attitude in life. Problems are never-ending, but the spirit of a human is above all, and once that sense gets achieved, the results that life gives are miraculous.

Creating artwork with an inspiring outlook on life acts as a healing therapy, especially during Covid-19 times. Thank you, Cho Hui Chin, for inspiring us with your artwork and persona, and we hope you keep motivating us with your unique image in the times to come. We hope you achieve the best of everything in life.

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