We all know China is a communist nation and communists are supposed to be atheists. But being atheist does not mean one has to act with cruelty against any religion. But the communist Chinese government probably has a different opinion about it. 

Christianity In Trouble

It seems like one pandemic is not enough trouble they could have caused for the world. The Chinese government has decided to forcefully remove the crosses from churches across China as a part of a government campaign to regulate “excessive religious sites” across the country.

This agenda mainly aims to eradicate the Christian landscape and its symbols from China. 

Crusade Of Communist China Against Christianity

This agenda of washing Christianity out of communist China is not quite new though. For the last couple of years, the Chinese government has been rigorously trying to interrupt Christian practices in the country. Several members of the Christian community were arrested as they protested against the government’s cruel attempt to suppress the Christian faith.

In 2015, the Chinese province of Zhejiang had banned placing crosses on church rooftops. The government ordered to remove hundreds of rooftop crosses from churches. 

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Communal Tension After COVID-19 

As COVID-19 made the situation very critical in China in the last couple of months, these activities were paused for some time. But now China has almost recovered from COVID-19. Therefore there is no obstacle left for the Chinese government to resume the projects they were working on. As per reports, these activities have a high potential of creating communal tension.

A priest from Anhui, known as Father Chen said, “This is not the case of a particular diocese or province. It is happening all over the mainland, but the mainland church is silent’’.

He also declared, “If the churches don’t unite to resist, many more crosses will be removed”.

But priests said the Christian community will cooperate in removing crosses with the hope of saving the church building.

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