India witnessed the administration of over 1 crore vaccine doses for the first time on Tuesday, achieving an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19. Till now, over 65 crore doses have been administered in total, which is not the best number but is still appreciable considering the demographic of India.

Despite the government’s several drawbacks during COVID, this milestone was worthy of appreciation. People congratulated the Modi government and the concerned authorities for making this possible. Scientists and medical practitioners deserve credit too.

But, seems like a certain someone got jealous of them receiving praises, and wanted some for himself. The certain someone here is none other than our beloved Chetan Bhagat, an IIM alumni known for his books and for judging dance shows.

Chetan Bhagat Takes Credit For India’s Record Vaccination Numbers

On Tuesday, the renowned author took to Twitter to bring attention to his contribution to this paced vaccination drive.

He had written an article around four months back, stressing the importance of vaccination and how the maximum number of people need to be inoculated.

chetan bhagat vaccination

In his article, he mentioned how India was obsessing over the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise in June 2020 when the other countries were actively working to develop vaccines. But he fails to mentions that India was one of the leading countries in vaccine research and development.

Nevertheless, this tweet by him patting himself on the back did not go well with netizens. People replied well with sarcasm.

chetan bhagat vaccination

chetan bhagat vaccination chetan bhagat vaccination

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People were quick to mention that he once endorsed Moderna’s Pfizer vaccine, which was later charged with low efficacy.

chetan bhagat vaccination

chetan bhagat vaccination

This is a classic case of the one person who just puts everyone’s name on the first page but takes credit for the entire group’s work. People’s sarcasm and creative replies, that did not involve abuse or threats or trolling, were refreshing.

Sources: Twitter, Free Press Journal, Economic Times

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