Being a metropolitan city, Chennai is known to have a population consisting of people from various states.

As a result, the city sees a lot more festivals that just Tamil ones.

A little known fact is that in addition to Chennai’s huge Telugu, Malayali, and Marwari communities, the city has a sizeable Bengali population that comes together every year at the Madras Kali Bari and Chennai Bengal Association to celebrate Durga Pujo in style.

This tradition has been upheld in Chennai for over 30 years now. The venues also have stalls selling typical Bengali items like Bengal cotton saris, alta, shank bangles, Bengali style idols, bags, purses, and so on.

The dhaak, typical Bengali style of conducting the aarti, uluations by the ladies present, and also the heavily decked up idol all make you feel like you found Kolkata in Tamil heartland.

On the tenth day, Bijoya Dashami, the Madras Kali Bari hosts a typical Bengali sindoor khela, making Bengalis in the city feel like they are indeed at home.

Here are some pictures and videos from this year’s Pujo celebrations at the Madras Kali Bari and Chennai Bengal Association for you to enjoy:

Idol at the Bengal Association
Dhaakwale at the Madras Kali Bari

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Devotees watching the pooja and listening to the dhaak at the Bengal Association
Madras Kali Bari before the pooja begins
A small slice of Calcutta in Chennai

Check out the amazing dhaak video here:

If you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing Pujo in Chennai, do let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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